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Colorado Grand Canyon – A Masterpiece Of The Colorado River

The Grand Canyon of Colorado is located in the northwestern part of Arizona, southwest of the Colorado Plateau. The Grand Canyon has a total length of 446 kilometers, an average width of 16 kilometers, a depth of 2133 meters, an average depth of more than 1,500 meters, and a total area of 2,724 square kilometers.

In 1919, President Wilson turned the Grand Canyon area into the “Grand Canyon National Park.”



BryceNP is the smallest of the five national parks in South Africa. It is characterized by a large stone forest on the side of the mountain. It is an image of God. It is the parade of God. This platform is the top layer of the big ladder, which is the powder cliff. The edge of the platform is eroded into a pink stone forest. It is spectacular from the top of the cliff. The clusters are clustered and shaped like a thousand, stretching one or two miles wide and more than twenty miles long.
Bryce’s air is cool and the woods are dense. The campsite in the park is very lively. After people set up colorful tents, they will walk to the observation decks or go to the stone forest to visit.

Devil Garden
The “garden” is a big piece. Like the magical world in the fairy tale of the West, there are wall posts on the porch, the piers are scattered, and people are waiting patiently. A group of puppet-like stones stand on the smooth lines of the rock seat, playful and cute. It is hard to believe that these stones are naturally weathered because they are almost identical to the surrounding landscape. It’s like a mysterious hand is still playing with them. Surrounded by the sound of the clouds in the sky and the shadows on the ground. Several people will not see each other when they are scattered.


SouthRim (South Wall) looks at the best sunrise. Clouds are mysterious. There are many tourist lines to visit the Grand Canyon. Visitors can choose the right one according to their own plans. Casting on the Grand Canyon is a swaying light and shadow.
YavapaiPoint is located on the east side of the Grand Canyon Park and is the highest point to watch the sunrise. There is also a three-dimensional model of the Grand Canyon in the adjacent Yavaparbok Pavilion, which gives a clear picture of the Grand Canyon.

Mohave Point is a great place to watch the sunset. And from here you can clearly see the Colorado River running down the bottom of the canyon.
Yaki Point is an important part of the Grand Canyon. You can see the tourists on the cliff and the solidified lava down.
GrandViewPoint is indeed a majestic landscape. In the morning, I woke up with the rushing Colorado River, and the ears heard the wind and the flowing water in the valley. A quiet, fresh picture is slowly unfolding around you.

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