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Check Out The World’s Craziest Travel Destinations

If you love extreme sports, there’s nothing more exciting than cliff diving! Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most incredible cliff dives.


1.Mazatlan, Mexico

Interestingly, cliff diving has been popular in Mexico since the 1900s. With a height of 15.2 meters and a depth of 1.8 meters, this forbidding spot is a favorite of professional divers.


2.Devil’s pool, Brazil

Don’t be intimidated by the name. This quiet place offers a nearly perfect natural swimming pool surrounded by huge cliffs that are relatively easy to climb and dive.

3.Lacovada, Mexico

Even the most experienced divers can test their skills and courage in the city of Acapulco. Imagine this: you have to jump into the current from an altitude of 41.5 meters, and the water depth is only 3.4 meters. Thankfully, the site has a team of experts who are happy to train you before you try.


4.The Italian port of venere

If you enjoy diving high over cliffs and exploring ancient Roman ruins and castles, this sun-drenched paradise is your best bet.

5.Lake Wolfgang, Austria

The lake provides an excellent platform for divers of all levels. The Wolfgang cliffs range in height from 3 to 27 meters and appeal to divers of all ages. Be aware that you need to make sure you visit this area during the summer months, otherwise the water may be a bit too cold to dive comfortably.

6.Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Oahu is a true haven for divers from around the world, dotted with several cliffs suitable for people of all ages. It’s perfect for exploring by canoe or on foot.


7.Horseshoe lake, Canada

This destination is located in jasper national park and can be used for steep dives from 24.4 meters. Therefore, you must be a real diving expert to try this operation.

8.Allen islands, republic of Ireland

Offering many exciting diving events, the Allen islands is the world’s premier destination for extreme enthusiasts and not for the faint of heart!

9.Navajo, Greece

While Greek beaches are known for bungee jumping, they also offer some challenging cliffs perfect for jumping into the deep blue sea below.


10.Rick’s cafe, Jamaica

Located in negri town, the cafe sounds like a place to relax with friends in the evening. But it can also jump from a height of 3 meters to 10.7 meters into the turquoise Caribbean below.

11.Havasu falls, Arizona, USA

If you’re willing to hike across the grand canyon, this beautiful dive is for you. You can jump from the 30.5 meter cliff into the warm pond below.

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