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Changbai Mountain Tianchi – Angel Tears Fall On Earth

Changbai mountain tianchi, one of China’s five most beautiful lakes, has won the guinness world record for the highest volcanic lake. It is the changbai mountain tianchi on changbai mountain, the highest peak in northeast China, with an altitude of 2,194 meters, 209 meters higher than tianshan tianchi.

People say to see tianchi to have good luck, to see tianchi to have good luck. Some statistics say that the changbai mountain tianchi annual fog day up to 264 days, tianchi clouds and clouds change myriad, pour visibility may only a few meters, the moment the clouds will be exposed tianchi true color. It is because of the time hidden tianchi, change gratuitous, so it is full of infinite mystery, such uncertainty makes people have great expectations.

Changbai mountain tianchi deep embedded in the cloud mountain mist sea, pool water clear and cold, the legend is the place where the seven fairies bathe. But tianchi water so cold, like a thousand years of cold jade general, let a person can not help but doubt how to do the use of bath, probably this is the magic of tianchi bar. As a result of tianchi higher terrain, climate change, wind, rain storm, snow is its characteristics. It is said that changbai mountain has a winter period of ten months, and the lake water freezes for six months. In addition, to the changbai mountains to soak in a bubble of hot springs, black tuyere billow under the size of dozens of hot springs, which is distributed on the ground of 1,000 square meters of hot springs group. It’s less than a kilometer from the deafening changbai falls. When I entered the hot spring area, I could see the hot water bubbling out of the cracks in the rocks. The water was turbid yellow, and the surrounding rocks and gravel were dyed with red, brown, yellow, green and different shades of light. There is a hot spring bath for visitors to wash, the temperature of the pool can be adjusted, after the bath, feel relaxed. Among them, changbai hot spring, tiyun hot spring and lakeside hot spring are quite famous.

In fact, changbai mountain is a dormant volcano, which has had seven major eruptions. After the last eruption in 1702, lake ji was formed in the crater of the volcano, forming the tianchi lake we see today. Tianchi lake is the largest and deepest crater lake in China, which is formed by the accumulation of material ejected by changbai mountain volcano in the crater. The shape is roughly oval, like a lotus leaf just coming out of the water. The circumference is about 13 kilometers. On the wonderful white stone that surrounds the deep blue pool, the wounded Buddha is covered with snow that has lasted for thousands of years.

Surrounded by a gap in the pumice stone tianchi, the pool overflow, flow out of the gap, winding flow of about 1000 meters, from the cliff split empty discharge, forming the famous changbai mountain waterfall. People who have been to changbai mountain are fascinated by the magnificent and endless changbai waterfall. And the streams of silver came down from heaven, and fell as thunder in the ears. Changbai waterfall is located on the north side of tianchi, at the end of the river. Croucher river to 1250 meters after the direct flow, will form up to 68 meters long white waterfall.

There were no living things in tianchi, only huge rocks in addition to water. But in recent years, a cold-water fish, rainbow trout, has suddenly appeared. In addition, some people claim to have seen unknown creatures swimming in the water beside the pool. The legend of unknown creatures adds some mystery to the beauty of tianchi.

No amount of language can describe the wonderland of tianchi! Go and see for yourself.

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