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Fisherman’s Fort Budapest, Hungary

By Janet / December 15, 2019

Also located on castle hill in buda, next to the magash church, the fisherman’s castle is a neo-gothic and neo-romanesque observation deck that is one of the most outstanding architectural complexes in Hungary. Built on what was left of the medieval walls, the fisherman’s castle, though unsophisticated in appearance, was actually built in 1895-1902 by […]


Winter Travel Tips

By Janet / November 20, 2019

1. Outdoor tourism in winter, human body exposed parts or peripheral parts of the skin for a long time by cold and wet stimulation, may appear on the skin erythya accompanied by abnormal feelings, serious can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay in the cold for too long, not only will the skin damage, […]


The Most Beautiful Kava Mountain Waterfall In The Philippines

By Janet / October 7, 2019

Many countries have their own unique attractions that attract travelers from all over the world to clock in. In the Philippines, known as the “land of islands”, there is another extreme sport in addition to diving, which is known all over the world. An extreme sport not known to the general public, it is mainly […]


The Must-see Castle In Europe

By Janet / October 5, 2019

1. Castle Howard, UK Castle Howard is an 18th-century private mansion on 1,000 acres in north Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire mansion was built with the help of Sir John van buhler and Nicholas hawksmoor. 2. Neuschwanstein, Germany One of the most famous and beautiful castles in the world, neuschwanstein castle was built by Ludwig ii […]


Namuco — The Holy Lake Of Heaven

By Janet / October 3, 2019

Namtso is a must-see if you are traveling to Tibet. Namu is located in central Tibet, north of Lhasa. It is about 230 kilometers from Lhasa to namtso nature reserve by driving along the 109 national highway via dangxiong county. “wrong” means lake in Tibetan, while “namtso” means lake in Tibetan. Lake namco is 4,718 […]


5 Best Seaside Swimming Pools In Sydney

By Janet / September 23, 2019

1. MacCallumPool Originally a rock-wrapped Pool, the MacCallum Pool was converted into a 33-meter-long swimming Pool by the local council in the 1920s. Inside, you can enjoy views of the city’s coastline, sunbathing on the wooden deck or jumping into the pool for fun. The water is above sea level and is cleaned and changed […]


A Place Life Must Go To – Hulunbeier Prairie

By Janet / September 15, 2019

Hulun buir is located in the northernmost part of Inner Mongolia, near the northernmost town of mohe in the north of China, and bordering Russia and Mongolia in the west. Most of the natural ecological environment here, such as forests, grasslands and lakes, has not been baptized by human industrial civilization, and has primitive and […]


The World’s Greatest Spiral Staircase

By Janet / September 10, 2019

Today we are going to introduce some of the most fascinating, magical and dazzling spiral staircases in the world. 1.The spiral staircase in the Vatican museum is the most photographed and most beautiful staircase in the world. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, the wide steps are located between the ramps and stairs. The staircase […]


Ten Tips For Snorkeling

By Janet / August 19, 2019

1. Try to cover your back when snorkeling. It’s easy to get sunburned while snorkeling, so be sure to apply sunscreen in advance, or wear a jellyfish suit, known as a diving suit. There is also injury prevention, in snorkeling if you hit a reef or something like that, or aggressive fish, you can not […]

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