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A Place Life Must Go To – Hulunbeier Prairie

By Janet / September 15, 2019

Hulun buir is located in the northernmost part of Inner Mongolia, near the northernmost town of mohe in the north of China, and bordering Russia and Mongolia in the west. Most of the natural ecological environment here, such as forests, grasslands and lakes, has not been baptized by human industrial civilization, and has primitive and […]


The World’s Greatest Spiral Staircase

By Janet / September 10, 2019

Today we are going to introduce some of the most fascinating, magical and dazzling spiral staircases in the world. 1.The spiral staircase in the Vatican museum is the most photographed and most beautiful staircase in the world. Designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932, the wide steps are located between the ramps and stairs. The staircase […]


Ten Tips For Snorkeling

By Janet / August 19, 2019

1. Try to cover your back when snorkeling. It’s easy to get sunburned while snorkeling, so be sure to apply sunscreen in advance, or wear a jellyfish suit, known as a diving suit. There is also injury prevention, in snorkeling if you hit a reef or something like that, or aggressive fish, you can not […]


Suzhou Gardens — Chinese Gardens,One Of The World Cultural Heritages

By Janet / July 28, 2019

Suzhou gardens, also known as “suzhou classical gardens”, is a world cultural heritage. Known as “garden city”, is the outstanding and proud of Chinese garden culture, is the outstanding representative of Chinese gardens. It enjoys the reputation of “jiangnan gardens are the best in the world, suzhou gardens are the best in the south”. Suzhou […]


Don’t Miss These Beautiful European Towns

By Janet / July 1, 2019

1. Austria Hallstatt This is a town like a fairy tale. The elegant wooden house and its characteristic salt mine are particularly famous. It was also listed as a World Heritage Site in 1977.The red house built by the mountain reflects the green mountains in the distance. The middle of the clear water flows slowly. […]


Essential Items And Precautions For Island Tourism

By Janet / June 29, 2019

People like to travel, people like island travel. But travel to islands should be cautious. Now let’s share the necessary items and precautions for island tourism. Clothes: when you go to the beach in spring, try to bring dry clothes, because it is hard to avoid wet clothes, and the sea air is humid. Even […]


The Most Beautiful Top Ten Islands In The World

By Janet / June 24, 2019

1. Seychelles Among the world’s most beautiful top ten islands, the Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of more than 90 small islands. The scenery of the beach is simply invincible. There are many rare animals in the surrounding area. Now it has become the most abundant in the world. One of […]


Precautions For Going To The Beach

By Janet / May 19, 2019

1.It is very important to go to the beach to play with sunscreen first, because it is rarely worn by itself, and the ultraviolet rays on the beach are very strong, so be sure to apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body. 2.To go to the beach to play must be easy to […]

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