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A Daytrip to Cambridge from London

By Nancy Lin / August 31, 2016

Cambridge offers some of England’s best universities, parks, museums and theatrical productions. It’s one of the most beautiful college cities in England, if not the world. It is known for its friendly people, academia, and great student parties. Like Oxford, life here revolves around the university, as does much of its tourism. However, you can find […]


This Guy Is Sailing Around The World With His Pet Chicken, Monique

By Frances / June 30, 2016

Whose company do you expect most when you are going to travel for a long time? Parents, spouses, or best friends maybe. However, Guirec Soudee, a 24-year-old Frenchmen, spend two years for his round-the-globe journey, together with his unique chicken friend, Monique. Yes, it’s really hard to imagine such kind of pictures, where a man […]


Backpacking through China’s Most Diverse Province

By Frances / June 13, 2016

Embracing nearly half of the ethnic minorities of China, Yunnan has always been recognized as a mystery stunning land which stands on the southeast of China in permanent peace and tranquility. Thanks to the delightful plateau climate here, where the terrain starts to climb until it reaches the astonishing Tibet, Yunnan undoubtedly prepare you the […]


Sukhothai: The Stunning Ruins And Sunrise

By Nancy Lin / June 6, 2016

Thailand’s northeast town Sukhothai, little-visited, is an escape from the whirlwind pace of life of its southern rival, also a backstreet of the crowded, and commercial city – Chiangmai. If you want to stretch your legs outside the Chiangmai city, Sukhothai is the best place that lend to great walks and rides. It is still firmly Thai […]


Hiking in Yading: the Search for Holy Peaks of Hilton’s Shangri-la

By Nancy Lin / June 2, 2016

Officially, Shangri-la in James Hilton’s classic “Lost Horizons”, is thought by most to be the Tibetan county of Zhongdian in northwest Yunnan Province in China. The name became well-known through word-of-mouth as a land of mystery and matchless beauty where life is lived in tranquil wonder, beyond the gaze of a distracted world. However, to few […]