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6 Things To Do in Koror, Palau

By Patrick / April 30, 2016

If you take a look at the vast Pacific Ocean, you’d notice how different islands are scattered all over it which further means there’s still a lot to discover around the world. Take a closer look at the western side of the Pacific, in the Micronesian Region, and you’ll find an archipelago called Palau. In […]


10 Fantastic American Castles To Visit This Summer

By Janet / April 28, 2016

One doesn’t generally associate castles with America,but castles in the United States have been creatively reinvented. You don’t have to skip across the pond to indulge your royal fantasies—it turns out we have towering turrets, secret passageways, and medieval moats aplenty right here at home, not to mention some fascinating stories about how these great […]


10 Must-Do’s If You’re Visiting Hong Kong For The First Time

By Patrick / April 25, 2016

As one of the most vibrant and bustling cities in the world, Hong Kong’s east-meets-west allure beckons travellers from all around the globe. However, with so much to see and do in this fast-paced, dynamic cosmopolis, it can be overwhelming for the first-time visitor. To make your life a little easier, here are the 10 […]


The Top 10 Places to Visit in Southern Brazil

By Patrick / April 21, 2016

When I think of a vacation in Brazil, my mind immediately springs to the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro, but the truth is that the country has so much more to offer than just a single metropolis. In fact, the southern tip of Brazil is highly popular with the inhabitants of neighboring Latin American […]


Top 10 Things to See and Do in New Zealand

By Patrick / April 12, 2016

The remote country is a true gem on Earth. Its pristine nature is so unique and magnificent, that once you go there, you will feel reborn. We have picked ten destinations this week that you should consider visiting once in New Zealand. 10. Relax on Hot Water Beach This is not just a name – […]


Top 10 Things to See and Do in the Philippines

By Patrick / April 5, 2016

The country boasts thousands of islands with powdery beaches and crystal clear water, lush forests, active volcanoes and futuristic cities. We have picked ten destinations that you should consider visiting once in the Philippines! 10. Go Shopping to SM Megamall Found in the city of Mandaluyong, the gigantic shopping center is a heaven for the […]


Top 10 Magic Places to See in Caucasus

By Patrick / March 7, 2016

10. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, Georgia Georgia boasts most stunning, magnificent and unspoiled nature. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is a great example of the statement. Why to go there? Explore the nature, fauna and flora as well as historic heritage. 9. Mount Aragats, Armenia At 4,090 m (13,420 ft) above sea level the volcano massif with four peaks is […]


Holland vs. the Netherlands: What’s the Difference?!

By Patrick / January 7, 2016

“Let’s go to Holland.” “Oh, the Netherlands?” “Well yeah because Holland is in the Netherlands.” “Isn’t Holland also the Netherlands? The Dutch live there right? Why are they called Dutch if they’re from the Netherlands?” It’s not new to know that people often use the names Holland and Netherlands interchangeably like United States to America (debates may ensue). […]


Things You Can Do To Enjoy Liechtenstein

By Patrick / November 23, 2015

Ever wondered what is there to see in this tiny country you call Liechtenstein? Tourists may have often just pass by this country as its neighbors in Europe are more known to offer a longer list of fun things to do and amazing sights to see. Meanwhile, Liechtenstein is an alpine land of 166 sq. […]


The Amazing Colors of Santorini, Greece

By Patrick / October 16, 2015

Lying on the southern Aegean Sea, Santorini (or Thira) is a cluster of crescent-shaped islands including Nea Kameni, Palea, Aspronissi, Thirassia, and Thira, which collectively form the southernmost member of the Cyclades group of islands. With an area of approximately 73-sq km and multi-colored cliffs ascending 300-m from a caldera drowned in sea, the cluster-island […]

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