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The Fountain Palace In Vienna, Austria

By Janet / October 8, 2019

Schonbrunn is located in the Austrian capital Vienna Vienna baroque architecture, southwest was the holy Roman empire, Austrian empire, the austro-hungarian empire, and the palace of the hapsburg family, now is the most famous tourist attractions in Vienna, schonbrunn and garden by UNESCO world cultural heritage list. The two eagles on the two pillars of […]


Manarola Is A Cliff Town, One Of The Ten Most Beautiful Towns In The World

By Janet / October 6, 2019

Manarola is one of the “five fishing villages” in the coastal region of la spezia province in liguria, Italy. The canines of the ligurian coastline, where the five fishing villages are located, contain five castles, or ancient fishing villages: montrosso, weinaza, Cornelia, riomaggiore and manarola on the sea. In 1997, the village was listed as […]


The Must-see Castle In Europe

By Janet / October 5, 2019

1. Castle Howard, UK Castle Howard is an 18th-century private mansion on 1,000 acres in north Yorkshire, England. The Yorkshire mansion was built with the help of Sir John van buhler and Nicholas hawksmoor. 2. Neuschwanstein, Germany One of the most famous and beautiful castles in the world, neuschwanstein castle was built by Ludwig ii […]


Zurich – A Fascinating City

By Janet / October 4, 2019

Zurich is the state capital of Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland and the richest city in Europe. It is located north of the Alps, at the northwest end of lake Zurich, and at the mouth of the limmat river with lake Zurich. Let’s take a look at some of Zurich’s tourist attractions. 1. Lake […]


Giethoorn——A Beautiful Village In Holland

By Janet / October 2, 2019

Many people go to windmill village when they travel to Holland, because windmill is the symbol of Holland, it is a very beautiful village. But Giethoorn, not far from the windbreaker village, is also a very beautiful place. Giethoorn is located in the northwest of the Netherlands, is a nature reserve.It is known as the “green Venice”. Giethoorn is […]


Cappadocia, Turkey — The Most Amazing Place On Earth

By Janet / October 1, 2019

Cappadocia looks like another planet. Its strange landscape makes it magical. Its strange beauty is unique, and I doubt you’ll ever see it anywhere else on this planet. Remember Planet Tatooine from Star Wars? The landscape of cappadocia is very similar. As if the name weren’t magical enough, these fairytale chimneys are dreamlike structures all […]


Capri, Italy, A Small Island In The Bay Of Naples

By Janet / September 29, 2019

Capri, a small island in the bay of Naples, is known as paradise. Not only does it boast beautiful natural wonders, but also a lifestyle and culture known for its nightlife, shopping, beaches and sweet lemon juice. La Grotta Verde this cave is famous for its rugged beaches and strong winds blowing into the cliffs. […]


World View: The Town Of World View In Tyrol, Austria

By Janet / September 25, 2019

Tyrol, located in the southwest of Austria, is located in the heart of the Alps, with beautiful valleys and lakes, its state emblem is a red eagle. Most travelers will go to its capital, innsbruck, but I will take you to a town deep in the Alps through this little tip, to a paradise deep […]


The Italian Church, Built On A Cliff, Is Like A City In The Sky

By Janet / September 19, 2019

In northern Italy, a 16th century church of the virgin Mary stands out from the rest of the world near lake garda in the baldo mountains. From a distance, it appears to be floating in midair because it sits on a thin ledge of rock that juts out from the cliff. The original site of […]


Explore The Marqueyssac Garden In France

By Janet / September 18, 2019

Marqueyssac gardens, located in the small town of Vezac in the Dordogne region of southwest France, about midway between Bourdeaux and Rhone. Marqueyssac garden built in the 17th century, because of its high potential, just the Dordogne valley overlooking the picturesque scenery, the park after pruning of the green plants, escaping a pinch of pinch […]

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