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Intoxicating Views Of The Top 10 Lakes In Switzerland

By Janet / May 10, 2019

1.Lake Geneva, Geneva Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Switzerland and the largest freshwater lake in Western Europe. It has a total area of 580 square kilometers and belongs to Switzerland and France. Of these, 348 square kilometers belong to Switzerland, 234 square kilometers belong to France, and Swiss people call Geneva Lake. With […]


Amsterdam Canal – The Unique Charm Of The City

By Janet / May 2, 2019

The Intercontinental Amsterdam is one of the oldest buildings in Amsterdam, situated on the Amstel River, and in the 12th century Amsterdam was just a small fishing village. The name of this small fishing village comes from the Amstel River. The dam on the river (Dam was built in 1220 to block the flood from […]


A Beautiful Place Called Bavaria

By Janet / April 28, 2019

The Bavarian Free State, also known as Byrne, Bayern, is located in the southeastern part of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is Germany’s largest federal state and the second most populous state. The capital is located in Munich. Bavaria’s high level of tourism is attributed to its rich cultural heritage and its unforgettable natural […]


Paris, France – A European Romantic Representative

By Janet / April 12, 2019

Paris is the capital of the French Republic and the largest city in France. It is the political, economic, cultural and commercial center of France. It is also known as the world’s four major cities, namely Tokyo, Japan, New York and London. Paris is one of the most suitable cities for human habitation in Europe […]


Top 10 Best Attractions In Milan

By Janet / April 2, 2019

1.Milan Cathedral Milan Cathedral is Milan’s main cathedral, located in the main square of the city, Cathedral Square. This monumental church is the largest church in Italy and the fifth cathedral in the world. 2. Last supper Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper may be the most mysterious painting in the world. This 15th-century mural was […]


Barcelona Travel Guide: Recommended For The Most Popular Attractions

By Janet / March 30, 2019

1.Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia, also known as the Atonement Hall, is the only building in the world that has not yet been completed and is listed as a World Heritage Site. It is from the hands of the great architect Gaudi, the entire church is a 170-meter tower, the facade of the facade It is […]


Greek Tourism, Three Attractions Are Not To Be Missed

By Janet / March 27, 2019

Greece is a very beautiful place, because the gods in the Bible, Greece has the most complete prototype, the blue and white house. The romance of blue, the purity of white, intertwined into Greece’s perfect habitation of Greece, to the realization of the gods, to accept the power of God, the Greek spirit, the light […]


Recommended Places For Venice Travel

By Janet / March 26, 2019

There is almost no end to what Venice has to do. This is a different city. This is a stunning, almost extraordinary place where holidaymakers must re-adjust their senses before actually accepting what the city has to offer. The sights of Venice, Italy, start from the canal, making the city a unique place. In other […]


Go To Aruba To See The Flamingos

By Janet / March 21, 2019

Aruba is located at the western end of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, south of Venezuela, with an area of 193 square kilometers. It has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 27 degrees.   The beautiful Flamingo Beach attracts a lot of attention. The blue sea, the soft sand, […]


Keukenhof Park – The Most Beautiful Flower Sea Ever Seen

By Janet / March 18, 2019

Keukenhof Park is located in Liess, a small town in the suburbs of Amsterdam, which is rich in flowering fields. It is also the only way for the annual flower parade. The variety, quantity, quality and arrangement of tulips in the Keukenhof Park are among the best in the world. Surrounded by a field of […]

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