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The Blue Lake Of Iceland, A Fascinating Place

By Janet / July 16, 2019

Blue lake is located in glindarvik, reykjannes peninsula, southwest Iceland. It is a geothermal hot spring formed by partial volcanic lava. The water temperature is about 37-39 degrees Celsius. The blue lake has become an icon of Iceland and many people come here to take a bath. The water in blue lake contains many chemical […]


Normandy, France – Elephant Trunk Hill In Etretat

By Janet / July 15, 2019

Etretat is a seaside town in northwestern France on the snowy coast of Normandy in northwestern France. It is known as the “first coast of France”. This seaside town is built just a stone’s throw from the sea. It is almost built on the lips of the sea. It is like a beacon on the […]


6 reasons to visit Bristol, a legendary city

By Janet / July 14, 2019

1. Going to the streets to find world-class art The Street Art Tour is Bristol’s “must do” experience, and professional artists will guide visitors to the city’s ever-changing outdoor gallery. Around the city of Where The Wall, there is a Bristol Street art walking tour all year round, along with Banksy and Historical Harbour Walking […]


The Town Of Grindelwald, Switzerland – A Fairy Tale Town In The Alps

By Janet / July 13, 2019

The town of Grindelwald is located in the Alps Valley in central Berne, Switzerland, at the foot of the Jungfrau Mountain. It is known as one of the most beautiful towns in the world because of its beautiful scenery. There are grasslands, forests, mountains and idyllic scenery that is truly a beautiful destination. Where is […]


Major Tourist Cities And Tourist Attractions In Hungary

By Janet / July 8, 2019

Although Hungary is rich in resources, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the buildings are magnificent and full of features. The hot springs are everywhere, the climate is four distinct seasons, and tourists from all over the world come here. The main tourist spots are Budapest, Lake Balaton, the Danube Bay, and the Matterhorn Mountains. […]


Going To Poland To See The Most Unusual Eastern European Style, It Is Worth Your Visit.

By Janet / July 8, 2019

1.Warsaw Overlooking the sky, a silvery Vistula River surrounds Warsaw, and several European medieval-style red spires stand out. The Warsaw Old Town is home to a variety of historical monuments, places of interest, magnificent palaces, monumental churches and a variety of castles that attract many visitors every year. Different from the old town, the new […]


Barcelona – The Best Buildings In The World Are Here

By Janet / July 2, 2019

The whole of Barcelona is an art city hosted by Gaudi’s architectural “Ghosts”. Walking in the streets of Barcelona, there are traces of this ghost designer everywhere – Barcelona is the city of Gaudí, Gaudí is the soul of Barcelona, a world famous city. Barcelona, known as the “Iberian Pearl”, is undoubtedly the hall of […]


Georgia – The Forgotten God’s Back Garden

By Janet / June 30, 2019

Now that the standard of living has improved, many people will choose to relax in this way of tourism, get close to nature, and liberate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city. Traveling is a wonderful thing for everyone. With the shackles of the unknown, leaving home, there is no lack of thoughts […]


The Closest Place To God – Georgia

By Janet / June 27, 2019

Georgia is located on the entire Black Sea coast in the Midwest of the Transcaucasian region of Eurasia, in the middle of the Kura River and in the Alazani Valley, a tributary of the Kura River. It was a republic of the Soviet Union and the home of Stalin. There are stretches of mountains, covered […]

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