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Dubrovnik Scenic Tour

By Janet / November 19, 2019

Dubrovnik, also known as lagusa. A port city in southeastern Croatia, the largest tourist center and health resort. It is located on the limestone peninsula south of the dalmatian coast. Hill by the sea, lush forests, is a medieval style of the ancient city. Dubrovnik has “the best European tourist attractions”, “the world’s top 10 […]


Amorous Feelings Of Morocco

By Janet / November 13, 2019

Chefchaouen Old City, a hilly, heavily Arab area, is beautiful, a “smurf City,” perfect for photography. The streets of the old city are covered by shops, all blue houses, there will be endless photos, the flavor of the city restaurant is also very diverse. Thousands of medina, sand, blue as the world of fairy tale […]


The Location Of Harry Potter — England Gloucester

By Janet / November 11, 2019

Gloucester, located in southwest England, is an important river port in British history. The town retains its original appearance, with a thriving dockyard that attracts millions of visitors. The magnificent cathedral, with its beautiful decorations, is an important pilgrimage centre, where harry potter was filmed. 1. Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester cathedral is a magnificent gothic cathedral, […]


The Palace Of The Paupers — Saint Paul’s Hospital, Santa Croce

By Janet / November 10, 2019

On gaudi street in the centre of Barcelona, opposite the sagrada familia, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a palatial cluster of buildings, the hospital of Santa croce Sao Paulo. Since its inception, the hospital has been known as the “palace of the poor” and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Yet until 2009, […]


Eight Wonders Of Germany

By Janet / November 9, 2019

1.Exploration of the ice cave in watzman mountain At the foot of Watzmann, a mountain south of berchtesgaden that is part of the Bavarian Alps, lies a small glacier with spectacular ice caves. The ice cave is 6 meters high and 30 meters deep, and it doesn’t melt and deform even in the hottest days […]


Best Sights Of Bonn, Germany

By Janet / November 8, 2019

When you’re in Bonn, the Drachenburg is a striking building to add to your sightseeing list! The late 19th century palace is located just outside the city, on a hill overlooking all the sights of the Rhine and Bonn. Inside, you’ll find paintings and other luxurious, period – appropriate furniture; Outside, you’ll find immaculate terraces […]


Take A Look At Ireland’s Scenic Spots

By Janet / November 5, 2019

1. The giant dam There are two explanations for the formation of giant’s causeway: myth and science. Scientifically, the giant’s causeway, formed by volcanic activity 50 to 60 million years ago, is the most popular tourist attraction on the emerald island and Ireland’s first world heritage site. The giant’s dyke is dotted with 40,000 basaltic […]


The Hague Tourist Guide Attractions Recommendations

By Janet / November 3, 2019

The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands and home to the royal family. It is also a city with a long history and many wonderful museums and art galleries. The Hague is also an art city, home to many famous Dutch artists. 1.Moritais: an elegant house, built in 1641 in the classical […]


The Most Beautiful Manor In England – Darcy Manor

By Janet / November 1, 2019

The estate, named Chatsworth House, is home to the hereditary Dukes of Devonshire and is one of the most famous attractions in peak district national park in the north of England. The reason why it is called darcy manor is because the famous British female writer Jane Austen’s “pride and prejudice” was shot here, and […]


Take A Look At Some Of The Other Sights That Belong To Horses

By Janet / October 12, 2019

St Paul’s cathedral is an Anglican cathedral that sits quietly in Independence Square, Malta’s capital. It is one of valletta’s most iconic buildings. When Queen Adelaide, Queen of William iv, visited Malta in the 19th century and found that there was no place for anglicans to worship, she had a church built and named it […]

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