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Queenstown – One Of The Most Beautiful Areas Of New Zealand

By Janet / May 1, 2019

New Zealand is one of the purest countries in the world, and the Southern Alps is one of New Zealand’s most beautiful regions, and the beautiful Queenstown is located here, coming together into this pure and beautiful town. One Mile Carpark:Whether you want to capture the sunrise of the remarkable mountains or capture the last […]


Royal Sydney National Park, The Second Oldest National Park In The World

By Janet / April 30, 2019

For the impression of Australia in Libya, many people will say that it is a vast land, a sparsely populated area, or a sparsely populated area. This is indeed the case. Australia ranks sixth in the world in terms of land area, second only to Russia, Canada, China and the United States. After Pakistan, Pakistan […]


Palau – Diving Destination

By Janet / April 29, 2019

If you are looking for truly pure water, then Palau is the paradise you are looking for; if you want to dive, Palau is the eternal sacred place in your heart. In short, God created Palau to show how wonderful it is to create. The Palau Islands are located in the waters near the equator […]


Canberra’s Famous Attractions Recommended

By Janet / April 8, 2019

What is Canberra’s famous attractions is Australia’s political center, and the Canberra City has the Australian Parliament Building, the Australian High Court and many other government departments and diplomatic agencies. It is also home to many national social and cultural institutions. 1.The Capitol is one of the most famous buildings in the world. The Capitol […]


Travel Tips For The Great Barrier Reef

By Janet / April 1, 2019

I believe many people will think that Australia is a very interesting country, where the Great Barrier Reef is a famous tourist attraction. What are the tourism strategies of the Great Barrier Reef? Everyone knows that the Great Barrier Reef is a fun tourist destination in Australia, with parachuting, submarine, sea fishing and other entertainment. […]


Travel Recommendations In Wonderland New Zealand

By Janet / March 12, 2019

I want to recommend New Zealand’s South Island with you, where you will find many tourist attractions. The South Island coastline is 6,900 kilometers long and has many beautiful beaches. The northernmost Fairwell Point to the southern end of Bluff, 840 kilometers apart, 336 kilometers wide at the east and west, the island covers an […]


Hallstatt – The Paradise On Earth

By Janet / February 28, 2019

Hallstatt is a village in the Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria, Austria. It is located on the shore of Lake Hallstatt at an altitude of 511 meters. In December 2005, there were 923 residents. In 2015, there were 1,221 residents. The “Hall” of Hallstatt may have originated from the “salt” of the Gukter language, named […]


10 Most Glorious Spots to Watch the Sunset in the World

By Janet / June 18, 2016

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved watching the sunset and all the beautiful colors that come with it as it starts to become darker. The setting sun is more than just a daily ritual — it’s an example of just how beautiful the natural world can be.They say that no two […]

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