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Hobbit town In New Zealand

By Janet / November 7, 2019

In both the Lord of the rings and the hobbit series, frodo and bilbo are hobbits from Shires, and tolkien gives a detailed description of the beauty of the shire and the hobbit’s home, the Bag End. Director Peter Jackson searched throughout New Zealand after filming the film and finally found the ideal “shire” on […]


South Australia Has Not Only Blue Holes, But Also Cave Gardens

By Janet / October 11, 2019

South Australia is a multi-faceted tourist destination with wide, smooth roads and beautiful scenery. Blue lake is a volcanic lake located in the crater of an extinct volcano in mount gambier, south Australia. Many people know about blue lake. In fact, there is a cave garden near blue lake. It is a natural cave, and […]


Bora Bora — “One Of The Sexiest Islands In The World”

By Janet / September 16, 2019

Bora bora, the name is like a promise — a promise to explore heaven on earth. Its mysterious appeal captivates visitors. Tahiti is a 50-minute flight from Tahiti to bora bora, and a 10-hour boat ride with regular daily flights and sailings. Bora bora covers an area of 15 square miles and peaks at 2,385 […]


Hallstatt – The Oldest Town In Austria

By Janet / August 18, 2019

Hallstatt is like a fairy tale. More than 3,000 meters above sea level, mountains and clear, bottomless lakes have transformed this place into a paradise on earth. Many people say this is a postcard from heaven, full of pine and cypress forests, lush, all kinds of exquisite and beautiful colored wooden houses, the reflection is […]


New Zealand — More Beautiful Than You Think

By Janet / July 31, 2019

New Zealand is a beautiful place, let’s learn about New Zealand must go attractions. 1.Lake tikapi, south island New Zealand south island has five famous lakes, is a visit to the south island must see the fantastic scenery. First of all, the introduction is tikapoo lake, because the glacier barrier lake has the color of […]


Traveling To Mauritius, What Is The Attraction Of This Place?

By Janet / June 26, 2019

With its turquoise waters and fine white sands, Mauritius is a particularly luxurious resort. = The beauty of Mauritius is beautiful. There are not only attractive beaches, but also a variety of birds in the jungle for you to enjoy. You can also go to the jungle to ride. If you like diving, you can […]


Heaven On Earth – Fiji Dream Tour

By Janet / June 23, 2019

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji consists of 333 volcanic eruptions that form a beautiful island. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear waves, warm climate, pleasant natural scenery, world-class diving, internationally standardized accommodation and a variety of dining and nightlife, all of which make up Fiji, one that stops the time A magical paradise. The most […]

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