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The World’s Most Expensive Building Costing $700 Billion: Grand Mosque

By Janet / August 25, 2019

Which is the most expensive building in the world? The grand mosque of mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is one of the richest places in the Middle East. The mosque is located in “mecca”, the first holiest site in Islam, and the grand mosque is now the first holiest temple in Islam. This century-old building has […]


Nha Trang Tourist Guide – 8 Must-See Places

By Janet / August 23, 2019

1.Nha zhuang has 6 kilometers of free open beach, the water is very clear, green is also good everywhere coconut trees and green plants are cut into various shapes, the beach side is a busy street lined with high-end hotels. It’s only a street from the hotel to the beach. Every morning, many people come […]


Do You Know The Top Ten Scenic Spots Of West Lake?

By Janet / August 13, 2019

1, broken bridge residual snow Broken bridge this scenic spot, presumably have been to the west lake should not miss, because it is too famous, there are many shops around, and there are many tourists, noisy, even if do not know where the broken bridge, can listen to the sound to find. Broken bridge is […]


There Are Some Ugly Mermaids On The Island Of Mermaids In Malaysia

By Janet / August 10, 2019

In the northwestern state of sabah, Malaysia, there is a small island called “mermaid island”. In fact, the real name of mermaid island is mantani island, so called because of the manatees that live in the nearby waters. It has to be said that manatees are a little uglier, but in some places they do […]


The Red Lotus Pond In Ulong, Thailand, Is One Of The 15 Wonders Of The World

By Janet / August 8, 2019

Speaking of Thailand, the most familiar is Thailand’s transsexual, durian. And Thailand’s northeast ulong province, you may be relatively strange to this place, but this place has a fairyland as the United States, that is not very curious about it? There is a nong han lake, where nearly 10,000 mu of red lotus flowers bloom […]


Top 10 Must-See Buildings In Singapore

By Janet / August 7, 2019

Architecture Tours are a great way to visit a city. Not only to appreciate the appearance of the building, every building has a wonderful story behind it. Singapore’s architecture, whether modern or classical, reveals a luxurious temperament. Notably, most of these buildings are concentrated in the marina bay and government buildings areas. Located in the […]


Guilin Tourism Eight Must Go To Scenic Spots

By Janet / August 5, 2019

1. The lijiang river Lijiang river belongs to the xijiang river system in the pearl river basin, which is the general name of the upper reaches of the tributary guijiang river. The li river starts from the source of the guijiang river, yuechengling maoershan, and ends at the sanjiangkou of pingle county, guilin city. The […]

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