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Dive To The SAN Simeon Islands

By Janet / January 22, 2020

Made up of nine islets, smeran is the best dive in Thailand, 90 km from phuket, and is only open to tourists from November to April each year. You must go with a group and take off your shoes. The easiest way to get a taste of smeran is to join a 1 – to […]


Go To Maldives Sun Island, Must Do These Three Things

By Janet / January 21, 2020

SUN ISLAND RESORT is one of the largest islands in the maldives. In the maldives, the islands usually bring you peace away from the hustle and bustle. Big island will be a different experience. Because the big island will have more wonderful activities. There are 7 different types of rooms on the island, garden rooms, […]


Myanmar’s Most Distinctive Stupa Looks Like A Cream Cake

By Janet / January 15, 2020

Myanmar is known as “the country of a thousand pagodas”, because there are numerous temples and pagodas scattered here. The pagodas stand up like precious spiritual pillars, not only regulating people’s words and deeds, but also finding a safe nest for the rest of the soul. Myint gon, myanmar’s second largest city, is no exception, […]


Rock Island——The Original Ecology Of Thailand

By Janet / January 9, 2020

Rock island is a pristine island in Thailand. In order to protect the environment, rock island is only open for half a year in the peak tourist season. Rock island is located in the andaman sea. Suitable for those who are interested in snorkeling and pristine islands, and prefer a quiet retreat. Rock island is […]


Kumutag Desert Scenic Spot, A Good Place To Visit!

By Janet / January 2, 2020

Xinjiang covers a vast territory, covering a total area of more than 1.665 million square kilometers, accounting for about one sixth of the country’s total area. It is the largest province in China. Xinjiang is rich in tourism resources. With its diverse natural landscape, unique ethnic customs and profound historical culture, it attracts numerous tourists […]


Travel To Brunei, These 6 Best Places To Go

By Janet / December 31, 2019

Brunei is a small, oil-rich country in southeast Asia, but relatively few people visit the country compared to the rest of southeast Asia. If you are planning a trip to brunei, here are 6 places you should visit. 1. Water villages Located in the old town of bandar seri begawan, the capital of brunei, this […]


New Islands Open In Maldives!

By Janet / December 23, 2019

Among the archipelagic nations of the Indian Ocean, you know the maldives as a paradise on earth. It has 26 natural atolls and 1,192 coral islands spread over an area of 90,000 square kilometers. The archipelago is stunning, with water as clear as blue. About 200 of the islands in the archipelago are inhabited by […]


The Land Of Conan, The World Of The Detective

By Janet / December 22, 2019

Kitayo town, tottori prefecture, Japan, is the hometown of the famous detective conan author takahashi aoyama. Interestingly, not only the memorial, but the entire town is filled with conan elements. Whether it is the stone bricks of the street, the manhole covers, the railings of the bridge, the street lamps, whether it is on the […]


Dream Of The Secret Qiye Ditch Waterfall

By Janet / December 17, 2019

A Japanese user posted a photo of the waterfall on his instagram account, but it has gone viral, as the photo is so beautiful and dreamy. The nanfang area in chiba prefecture, a suburb of Tokyo, may be unfamiliar to you, but it is the most talked about dreamland on the Japanese Internet. You can […]

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