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What Is The Attraction Of Mauritius?

By Janet / September 2, 2019

The scenery of Mauritius is particularly beautiful. There are not only attractive beaches, but also a variety of birds for you to watch in the jungle. You can also go cycling in the jungle. You can take a boat to float on the sea, to enjoy the blue island, you can also walk in the […]


Mirror In The Sky: Salar DE Uyuni – Closest To The Sky

By Janet / July 17, 2019

The salina DE uyuni is 3,656 meters above sea level in Bolivia’s western plateau of potosi province. It is 150 kilometers long and 130 kilometers wide. It covers 9,065 square kilometers. The edge of the salt farm, the main salt farm between the road. Rainfall is scarce, the climate is dry, only in December to […]


Peruvian Rainbow Hill, The Beauty You Can’t Imagine

By Janet / July 3, 2019

There are all kinds of special features in the world, and every scene can make people forget to return. Xiao Bian learned a magical scene, beautiful, difficult to describe with words, Peruvian Rainbow Mountain, this is a very distinctive and characteristic place. Let’s take a look! The Rainbow Mountains of Peru, the mountain is in […]


Egyptian Pyramid – Explore The World’s Magical Monuments

By Janet / June 11, 2019

There is a proverb in Egypt “People are afraid of time, time is afraid of the pyramid.” How many unsolved fans have been in the mysterious pyramid, why did the Egyptians build pyramids? How is the pyramid built? How did the machinery carry thousands of tons of boulders before the millennium? Is the pharaoh’s curse […]


Morocco Travel Guide

By Janet / May 12, 2019

1.The Mayor Garden is a beautiful 12-hectare botanical garden and an artistic sacred place for Marrakech artists in Morocco. The famous French designer Yves Saint Laurent was the owner of this place. The Marrakech Museum of Islamic Art is housed in this garden, which includes the North American textiles of Mr. Yves Saint Laurent’s personal […]


Pink Sand Beach – The Sexiest Beach In The World

By Janet / February 26, 2019

Have you seen a pink beach?   It does exist. Located on the Bahamas island of Hubble Island, Pink Beach was voted the world’s sexiest beach by Newsweek. The pink beach is about three miles long and the water is clear and sandy. The true pink sand is its biggest feature. Why is it pink? […]


10 Most Glorious Spots to Watch the Sunset in the World

By Janet / June 18, 2016

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved watching the sunset and all the beautiful colors that come with it as it starts to become darker. The setting sun is more than just a daily ritual — it’s an example of just how beautiful the natural world can be.They say that no two […]


World’s 30 Most Unusual Beaches That You Won’t Believe

By Janet / June 9, 2016

It’s finally summer—time to swim, sunbathe, and surf. While many people dream of white sand, palm trees, and clear water,do you think that beaches are blase tourist destinations with nothing unique or interesting to offer?Well, we’d like to shift the focus to the more unusual beaches out there that prove that Mother Nature has some surprises in […]


29 Real-life Destinations that inspired Disney movies

By Janet / May 30, 2016

For every Disney addict, whenever we see the opening symbol in which the shooting star streaks across the sky above the classic Disney castle, we just feel excited, getting ready to dive into those fancy dreams and be children again. If you too are completely enchanted by Disney cartoon, you must not miss the following […]