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Norway Underwater Restaurant, The World’s Coolest Restaurant

By Janet / December 10, 2019

We’re probably all familiar with restaurants that offer beachfront views or lake views. But there’s one restaurant in Norway that’s definitely cool. It’s built under the ocean, and you don’t need a diving suit to get to the bottom. Located on the coast of northern Europe, this restaurant allows guests to view the wonders of […]


Treehouse Hotel, Sweden

By Janet / December 9, 2019

At the TreeHotel in Sweden, these houses not only hang in the air, but in a variety of styles, ranging from exotic objects to bird houses in the woods, successfully attract people from all over the world to experience them. To live like a bird on a branch is a dream everyone had when they […]


Brano, Venice, Italy — Fairy Tale Island Of Color

By Janet / December 9, 2019

Venice is made up of 117 islands means, in the past, here is a piece of sea, and then through the untiring efforts of the fishermen, with their stakes to play good foundation, hard rock flow, just had Venice, Venice, now is in the eyes of the world of fashion, romantic town, visitors coming and […]


Meet The Alps At Lake Brad

By Janet / December 7, 2019

The island surrounded by the lake, the forest by the lake, the lake like a mirror… Wrapped in the winter’s silver frost, the beautiful brad lake looks more and more clear and plain, just like arendelle in “frozen” telling visitors the adventures in fairy tales. Lake blad is the most famous lake in Slovenia, northwest […]


Saint Basil’s Cathedral

By Janet / December 6, 2019

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is at the southern end of red square, next to the kremlin. Designed and built by Russian architects “balma” and “postnik” according to the orders of Ivan the terrible and bishop makari, construction began in 1555 and completed in 1560. It is the symbol of Moscow, once called the cathedral of our […]


Millions Of Flamingos Dance In Lake Bogoria, Kenya

By Janet / December 5, 2019

On the slightly green lake, large areas of cherry blossoms like pink ribbon floating in the lake, can not see the end…… As the bogoria lake summer rally blows, millions of flamingos dance around the lake, turning it into a pink ocean of natural wonders. Located in the middle of Kenya’s rift valley, 300 kilometers […]


Go To America And Enjoy The Most Beautiful Natural Scenery

By Janet / December 4, 2019

America has the biggest and coolest cities in the world, and it’s not hard to imagine why so many people want to see the French quarter of New Orleans or the Main Strip of Las Vegas. But it would be a shame if you missed out on the same wonderful natural beauty hidden away outside […]


Visit The Pink City Of Jaipur, India

By Janet / December 3, 2019

India has four cities: the pink city of jaipur, the blue city of jodhpur, the white city of udaipur, and the farthest golden city from Delhi, jeser ilmer. The pink city of jaipur is the most popular destination for foreign tourists. Jaipur is the capital of the Indian state of rajasthan, as well as economic […]


Walk Into Sheikh Zayed Mosque In ABU Dhabi

By Janet / December 2, 2019

When people think of the united Arab emirates, they think of dubai and its endless wealth. The religion of the united Arab emirates is mainly Islam, so there are many mosques here. The most famous is sheikh zayed mosque, also known as the grand mosque of ABU dhabi, which was built to commemorate the first […]


Shinto Shrine In Snow Country To Enjoy The Centuries-Old Sacred Tree

By Janet / December 1, 2019

Think of the snow early winter, xiaobian thought of a trip to Japan. In winter to appreciate under the rule of snow and ice Japan, snow fairy tale beautiful here perfectly reflected, solemn and full of fairy tale color. The Shinto shrine at the foot of the Togakushiyama mountains has a history of more than […]

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