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Some South African English Slangs You Should Know

By Patrick / May 6, 2016

Yes, South Africans speak English and don’t even start with a question like “So if you’re from South Africa, why are you white?” on someone when it’s your first time in their country. South Africa has 11 official languages but English is the commonly spoken language throughout the country. Cool right? So what are some […]


10 Comfort Foods People Around the World Eat When Sick

By Patrick / April 4, 2016

Different causes such as sudden weather changes and infection from exposure lead to someone getting sick. Anyone around the world can get sick, but each has their own ways of curing themselves and recovering through their favorite comfort food. Here are some of the foods people eat to recharge themselves back to normal. How about […]


The Hope for Peace Monument, Lebanon

By Patrick / September 24, 2015

At first glance, the structure looks like the remains of a building ravaged by war or a natural disaster. It is intended to appear that way. Made from concrete, mortars, real war tanks, and other ammunitions materials, the Hope for Peace Monument in Yarze, Lebanon stands as a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the […]


ACROS Fukuoka Foundation Building in Fukuoka, Japan

By Patrick / July 29, 2015

ACROS Fukuoka opened in April 1995 in Tenjin, which is situated in the center of the Fukuoka City. It has opened as a center of international information and cultural exchange. The name ACROS is in fact an acronym for Asian Crossroad Over the Sea – Fakuoka.   Everyone at ACROS Fukuoka strives to make the […]


The World’s Most Peaceful Toilet

By Patrick / July 13, 2015

Whether you want to call it a toilet or an attraction, it actually works as both. As well as serving the purpose of a gorgeous and attractive attraction, the Serene Itabu Toilet also serves the purpose of fulfilling ones needs as a bathroom. This communal bathroom is a very small public place and at the […]

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