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Bistopping, Korean Fairy Ice Cream Shop

By Janet / April 24, 2019

The Bistopping ice cream from Seoul, South Korea is really beautiful!     Bistopping should be regarded as the fairy level in the ice cream, the dream color, the main candy candy, and the minute girl burst. As a high-gathering place in the Jiangnan Xinsha Cave, Bistopping’s decoration is simple and stylish, especially the sign […]


Introduction To Specialty Foods Across China

By Janet / April 22, 2019

There are many cities in China that are gathering places for food. Even many people from other places will rush to eat local specialties. The food in each place is different in each city. The food also represents different food cultures in different cities. The city that is known as the capital of food is […]


One Of The World’s Only Huskies Theme Cafes In Bangkok

By Janet / April 3, 2019

There is a huskies-themed café in Bangkok, Thailand, which caters to the desire of those who cannot raise or want to keep dogs and want to walk the dog. This is the world’s first and only huskie-themed café. Come to truelove, like to participate in the Husky theme, you must first buy a ticket. 35 […]


Osaka Brush Ice Cream Shop – Creative Dessert Shop

By Janet / March 20, 2019

Today I recommend a very special dessert shop called The buggy. Brushed ice cream is the hottest dessert in this store. Everyone who goes there needs to order one. The brushed ice cream designed with the paintings as the starting point for creativity is like eating ice cream instead of enjoying art. The creativity of […]


10 Coolest Ice Bars To Combat The Heatwave In Summer

By Janet / June 12, 2016

As summer temperatures start to soar, with heatwaves across US,what’s better than having a drink with friends at a regular bar? Enjoying one in a bar made entirely of ice. If you’ve never been to an ice bar before, now’s your chance to experience one.Fantastic ice sculptures, sexy vodka cocktails, and Siberian-like temperatures – the […]


10 Comfort Foods People Around the World Eat When Sick

By Patrick / April 4, 2016

Different causes such as sudden weather changes and infection from exposure lead to someone getting sick. Anyone around the world can get sick, but each has their own ways of curing themselves and recovering through their favorite comfort food. Here are some of the foods people eat to recharge themselves back to normal. How about […]