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The “Happy Spring Festival” Kicked Off In Morocco

By Janet / January 19, 2020

The theme of chengdu temple fair kicked off at the Chinese cultural center in Rabat, capital of Morocco, on Thursday night, marking the first event of the “happy Spring Festival” in Morocco. “Intangible cultural heritage” artists, food masters and artists from chengdu, sichuan province, China, “put up” the lively temple fair, attracting more than 300 […]


Reveal The Birthplace Of The Cat – Haotoji Temple In Tokyo

By Janet / January 16, 2020

In the shops of Japan, you can often see the cute qiaoqian cat. There are several legends about the origin of the cat, some believe that it originated from the imto shrine in the taitung district of Tokyo, some believe that it originated from the shinjuku district of Tokyo, and some believe that it originated […]


Mount Hana, South Korea: Known As The Mountain Of The Gods

By Janet / January 13, 2020

Mount hana stands tall in the middle of jeju island, with an elevation of 1,950 meters. It is a famous mountain representing jeju island, also known as yingzhou mountain, which means high enough to catch the Milky Way. Mount hana is a highly cultivated and academically valuable mountain, designated a national park in 1970 and […]


Saint Basil’s Cathedral

By Janet / December 6, 2019

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is at the southern end of red square, next to the kremlin. Designed and built by Russian architects “balma” and “postnik” according to the orders of Ivan the terrible and bishop makari, construction began in 1555 and completed in 1560. It is the symbol of Moscow, once called the cathedral of our […]


The “Blue Train” In Paris — A Symbol Of Paris

By Janet / November 12, 2019

Le Train Bleu has a total space of over 500 square meters and a ceiling of about 8 meters high. From the wall to the roof, huge murals are set among the complicated golden sculptures, and a series of magnificent chandeliers shine the charming light. The starched tablecloth on the table, the silver cutlery and […]


The Customs Of Cochin, India

By Janet / November 8, 2019

Cochin is located on the Indian Ocean. It is one of India’s important ports on the Arabian sea. In the coastal sea, occasionally a modern steam turbine and ancient traditional wooden boat crissccross, but it seems natural and harmonious. In fact, cochin is kerala’s largest city and one of the most important ports, and also […]


Mystery Of The Easter Island Statues In Chile

By Janet / October 18, 2019

In this beautiful country of Chile, there is a place called Easter island, which has been studied by scholars and visited by tourists because of its thousands of mysterious giant stone statues. The stone statue on Easter island is called moai. Most moai are made of a single intact stone. All of them have only […]


Manarola Is A Cliff Town, One Of The Ten Most Beautiful Towns In The World

By Janet / October 6, 2019

Manarola is one of the “five fishing villages” in the coastal region of la spezia province in liguria, Italy. The canines of the ligurian coastline, where the five fishing villages are located, contain five castles, or ancient fishing villages: montrosso, weinaza, Cornelia, riomaggiore and manarola on the sea. In 1997, the village was listed as […]

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