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British Museum – The World’s Oldest And Most Comprehensive Museum

By Janet / May 26, 2019

The British Museum is the oldest and most comprehensive museum in the world, located in London, England. It collects many artifacts and books from all over the world. The variety and variety of collections are rare in museums around the world. The collection was mainly derived from the UK’s external expansion from the 18th to […]


A Hong Kong Dingding Bus Ride Guide

By Janet / April 26, 2019

The car is a double-decker tram in Hong Kong. This kind of transportation a hundred years ago is still only preserved in Hong Kong. The track of the car runs through the north of Hong Kong Island in the east-west direction. The most comprehensive route is Kennedy Town – Tsuen Wan. The journey takes about […]


El Ateneo Grand Splendid — South America’s Most Beautiful Bookstore

By Janet / August 3, 2016

How can old theaters shine without any more play? Here’s the best example of a stunning rebirth. Grand Splendid Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina has a history of almost a hundred years, and it was successfully converted into a beautiful bookstore called El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Literally its name has indicated the charm of the […]


Are You Brave Enough to Spend a Night at This Creepy Clown Motel?

By Janet / May 30, 2016

Imagine driving into a small desert town late at night. You can hardly hold your eyes open and need to find a motel room rather quickly. You finally come across a motel that has a vacancy. You think you just got really lucky, but you soon discover the motel has a clown theme. Yes, clowns! […]


10 Landscapes in England That Inspired Great Literary Works

By Janet / May 30, 2016

Easily can we find splendid natural scenes in every great literature work, from the frozen winter of Siberia to wild desert in the west of America. Likewise, this ten breathtaking landscapes in England inspired generations of writers, sparking the most romantic images. Check this places and you would like to go for a trip immediately […]


5 Festivals to Visit This Year in the UK

By Patrick / May 21, 2016

From Edinburgh to London, Britain hosts some of the most excellent festivals throughout the year. If you are planning a trip across the pond, consider planning around one of these events. They are some of the best and well worth a visit. Here are the five best festivals to be found in the UK this […]


Some South African English Slangs You Should Know

By Patrick / May 6, 2016

Yes, South Africans speak English and don’t even start with a question like “So if you’re from South Africa, why are you white?” on someone when it’s your first time in their country. South Africa has 11 official languages but English is the commonly spoken language throughout the country. Cool right? So what are some […]