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Would You Like To Experience Venice’s Romantic Underwater Bookstore´╝č

By Janet / September 3, 2019

Venice Libreria Acqua Alta is a bookstore located in the waterside city of Venice. It’s more a cross between a flea market and a library than a bookstore. Being near the water gives the still bookstore a touch of inspiration. LibreriaAcqua Alta bookstore may be the only bookstore in the world that’s underwater. The store, […]


Go To France To Visit The Home Of The Famous Painter Monet

By Janet / August 26, 2019

Monet garden, the former residence of the famous French painter monet, is located in givini town, 70 kilometers west of Paris, France. It is a very beautiful place. Gardens, lakes, blue sky and white clouds are the only places to enjoy the beautiful scenery of France. Monet garden is the former residence of the famous […]


The World’s Most Expensive Building Costing $700 Billion: Grand Mosque

By Janet / August 25, 2019

Which is the most expensive building in the world? The grand mosque of mecca, in Saudi Arabia, is one of the richest places in the Middle East. The mosque is located in “mecca”, the first holiest site in Islam, and the grand mosque is now the first holiest temple in Islam. This century-old building has […]


Beijing 798 Art District Is A Holy Land Full Of Art

By Janet / August 20, 2019

If you are a unique person with a fantasy about beauty, unique ideas about the world’s fantastic designs, and more importantly, if you are still close to our capital city, please spare half a day to visit the 798 art district during your planned trip. This place is full of infinite creative inspiration, come here […]


Visitors To Bangkok’s New Web Celebrity Cafe Are Surrounded by bunnies

By Janet / August 15, 2019

Bangkok has no shortage of good cafes. The new web celebrity cafe Baker x Florist doesn’t disappoint with everything from visual design to sweet flavors. Baker x Florist, located in Rama 9, is a Florist and cafe with a wide variety of flowers. The decoration style of the store USES yellow, blue, green and orange […]


Why Is Buenos Aires So Attractive In Argentina?

By Janet / August 2, 2019

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and one of the most attractive cities in Latin America. It’s easy to fall in love with this charming city. 1. Dance the most enthusiastic Tango here In the 19th century, Tango was born here. It combines African, native Gaoqiao and indigenous cultures, together with the cultural elements […]


Check Out The Top 8 Delicacies In Xinjiang

By Janet / July 29, 2019

China’s western region of xinjiang, a mysterious place where ethnic minorities gather, is not only a place to gallop and enjoy the beauty of the world, but also a place to satisfy your taste buds. Next, let’s have a look at the eight delicacies of xinjiang! 1.Xinjiang big dish chicken Speaking of big dish chicken […]

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