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Cappadocia, Turkey — The Most Amazing Place On Earth

Cappadocia looks like another planet. Its strange landscape makes it magical. Its strange beauty is unique, and I doubt you’ll ever see it anywhere else on this planet. Remember Planet Tatooine from Star Wars? The landscape of cappadocia is very similar.


As if the name weren’t magical enough, these fairytale chimneys are dreamlike structures all over cappadocia. To be honest, they look like magic mushrooms to me.. It’s a penis, but I’ll let you decide. If you’re curious, these strange forms were created by volcanic eruptions and are beautifully blown by the wind.


One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of cappadocia’s moon is to fly over it. Yes, it’s expensive, but cappadocia is one of the cheapest places in the world to experience a hot air balloon ride. It may be cheaper than the cheapest, but it’s definitely the most beautiful. A balloon ride typically costs about $150, which includes pickup, breakfast, a ride, champagne and a return to the hotel. Many travel agencies offer this, but as it may be risky, I suggest you choose the best one.

Cappadocia is full of caves, even in weird rock formations. The caves were built centuries ago, and some are still inhabited. Of course, most of them have been turned into hotels, so if you visit cappadocia you can have your own cave. Thankfully, these cave hotels are not only for affluent travelers, but also for every budget. Even some dorms are built in them! Best of all, the interiors stay cool and feel like natural air conditioners.


Cappadocia is amazing, not only above the surface, but below. Underground cities were built many centuries ago, some of them more than ten stories deep. No, these are not only used as temporary accommodation, but people live here permanently. It became even stranger – more than 40 underground cities were found in cappadocia, some of which were connected by tunnels. These were hidden for years, one of the biggest was discovered in 2014. According to some archaeologists, they were founded in 1200 BC. I visited the dungeons of delingkuyu, and I was shocked to see the remains of the underground multi-storey school, chapel, stables and storerooms.


The cappadocian landscape is hilly, which makes it easy to find elevated areas where you can relax for a few hours and enjoy the views. When I was there, I never studied or looked for an idea. I found some on my own exploration. I was lucky that some of the locals I met in cappadocia brought me up to what point of view I hadn’t even asked. Some of the most popular views are the sunset point at greme, the castle of uchitsa, the three sisters rock all attractions and the red valley sunset point.


Cappadocia is huge, even if you spend a week here, you will barely touch the surface. There is a Zemi valley, red valley, rose valley, Ihlara valley, pigeon valley and many other valleys. You can go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, historical Tours, cultural Tours and so on. Yes, there are many things to do in cappadocia, so you won’t get bored when you visit it.

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