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Capilanosuspension Bridge And Park In Ancouver, Canada

Capilanosuspension Bridge And Park is the most famous tourist attraction in north vancouver.

The suspension bridge, 137 meters in length, hangs at a height of nearly 70 meters. Under the bridge are the rapids of the kapilano river and the treetops of the lush forest.


A man named George grant mackay discovered this wonderland in the late 19th century and settled there with his wife. Later, with the help of the local indians, he began to build the bridge. In the beginning, he used hemp rope and incense board as materials. In 1914, he rebuilt the bridge and added concrete to consolidate the two ends.

In addition to the bridge, totem poles, kidsrainforest explorer, cliffwalk, treetops adventure and more are also located in the park.


At KIA ‘PALANO, canoes and totem poles show visitors how early indians lived. Totem poles, in particular, were carved by the indians more than 60 years ago.


The capilano suspension bridge has been safe since it was built in 1889. When I got on the suspension bridge, I felt my body swaying from side to side. There were many people on the bridge, talking and laughing with curiosity, so I hardly stopped for fear. Standing in the middle of the suspension bridge, looking at the 70 meters deep kapilano gorge, and the canyon on both sides of the tall and green pine trees, very shocking. Cross the drawbridge to the other side of the canyon and follow the walkway to the RAINFOREST EXPLORER, Dr. WOOD ‘cabin, RAPTORS RIDGE, TREETOPSADVENTURE and NATURE ‘edge.


Cliffwalk, a suspended walkway along the face of a granite cliff, is the perfect place to view the magnificent kapilano gorge. Watching the kapilano suspension bridge in the distance, watching the rapids at the bottom of the river, watching the magnificent primeval forest.

If you want to challenge yourself, come to Capilanosuspension Bridge And Park!

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