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Busan, South Korea – A Fairytale Place

Busan has always been a tourist destination, and visitors are constantly coming. In addition to some attractions, there are many alleys, gourmet shops, and very elegant coffee shops.So what are the places worth visiting in Busan?


1.Haiyuntai Yingyue Road – Haiyuntai Yingyue Road is located at the intersection of the Haeundae Beach and the Songting Bathing Beach (the foot of the Wuniu Mountain). It is a dense trail of cherry trees and pine forests. Since ancient times, it has become a representative of this region due to the contrast of blue sea, beach, camellia forest and pine forest.

2.Nanpudong, Nampodong Street is a theater, and at the Busan International Film Festival, this movie street has become the center stage for crowd gathering. There are some clothing stores and cosmetics stores in Nanpudong Guangfu Pedestrian Street. If you go to Arirang Square, it is BIFF Square. This small street has a lot of snacks and you can taste the melon seeds.



3. Mural alley – Nanpudong has always been known as the fashion shopping place for young people. But perhaps you don’t know, it is not only a variety of shopping places, but also hides an alley with various styles of murals. From the entrance of the O‚ÄôSULLOC, it extends to the Yuanshan noodle house. The walls of the entire alley are continuously spread with various themes of murals, one piece and one color.

4.Yacht B – The “Shuiying Bay Yacht Arena” in the Haeundae area was once the venue for the 24th Olympic Games yacht project in 1988. The Olympic Yacht Arena, which was completed in 1986, also stands here. Nowadays, this international arena that can park 1360 yachts at the same time has become a famous tourist attraction in Busan.


5.Ganchuan and Ganchuan claimed to be Santorini in South Korea. They experienced the baptism of war. Later, after some artists re-created, they became a fairy tale village. The first time I went there was still very good. Looking at the whole village, it was like a colorful painting, and I took it all the way.

6.Nanri Bar, the photography scene in the TV series ‘Three-way’ is known to have been visited by many tourists after Busan, especially the Huchuan Village where the four heroes live in the TV series, attracting a large number of beautiful night scenes and scenic spots. people. If you are interested, you can transfer to the bus in Ganchuan.


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