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Brazil’s Thousand Lakes Desert — The Most Stunning view

Where is the wettest desert in the world? It’s in Brazil, and it’s nature’s most amazing book. There is a strange desert in the north of Brazil, but the white desert is full of beautiful jewels in different colors.


In fact, these gems are lakes. These lakes are all over the desert, there are nearly a thousand of them, and this is Brazil’s most famous lennox national park, where the desert blends with the lake, hence the name “thousand lake desert”, one of the most unique deserts in the world.


As we all know, vegetation and desert are the same two extremes. With vegetation, there will be no desert, and with desert, vegetation will be difficult to survive. This is the result of one of the most amazing desert wonders in South America. But this is not the most magical, we all know that the water in the desert is very few, lack of water can be said to be the most horrible side of the desert, but this piece of desert in Brazil is very magical, here water and desert with each other in harmony, formed a rare wonder in the world. If you want to go deep into the thousand lake desert, the best vehicle is the suv, which will allow you to enjoy this magical desert, hot and cool, cool and hot, very wonderful feeling.


You can’t imagine that desert exists in a place that contains 30 percent of the world’s fresh water and is covered in tropical rain forests. What fascinates people more is the bright gem in the desert, which is the most charming color in the world. If you want to go here, it is better to wear slippers. If you are a driver, that is another matter. Wearing slippers, you can enjoy this hard-won desert as quickly as possible.


Do you know where the sand came from? So far there is no clear answer, but there are several theories. One is that when the earth’s continents split into plates, there was a huge layer of sediments formed here. When the sea water fell, the sediments rose, and then washed and weathered by the ocean currents, forming the small dunes of today. There is another saying that the sand dunes here come with the river, and many rivers of sand rush into the sea, but here has become the sand into the sea obstruction, again by the sea current to shore, and then by the sea breeze blow for many years, formed a sand dune, also have now a thousand lake desert.

The best season to visit here is from July to September, because the rainy season from January to June brings plenty of rain to form crystal clear ponds among the dunes. During droughts, the lagoon evaporates or dries up completely. After the rainy season, the lagoon becomes home to many fish, turtles and clams.

Be sure to go in the best travel season! Or you won’t be able to enjoy the alternate wonders of deserts and lakes!

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