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Brano island In Venice, Italy — A Fairy-Tale Island Of Color

Venice is made up of 117 islands means, in the past, here is a piece of sea, and then through the untiring efforts of the fishermen, with their stakes to play good foundation, hard rock flow, just had Venice, Venice, now is in the eyes of the world of fashion, romantic town, visitors coming and going, and yearn for a unique city of Venice, but most visitors only stay on the main island of Venice, but don’t know the distance of the old city of Venice forty minutes boat ride in the distance, have a walk with their feet more than half an hour can to the islands – burano. Burano is a known as the “color” island of the world, the outside of the house is decorated with all kinds of paint, with slender gondola slowly forward, looking at the distance vaguely visible red, yellow, green, greeted by a colorful little house as if into a kingdom of fantasy 7 colour, and seems to be naughty kid cut up the rainbow, to burano set off so full, and it also is known as one of the world’s ten big colorful city.


Been to burano people say: this island is a picture, not that kind of artistic conception of landscape painting, but full of strong life painting of the “human”, simple fishermen is instead of picking up the painter, the colour of profusion is their paint, under their unique design, with colorful fairy tale town, there is no doubt that this painting is very successful.

Come down from the boat, walk into a small town, the whole body relaxes instantly, the scenery at the moment is enough to let a person forget the exhaustion of a day, the amorous feelings that appreciates a small town attentively, the house of every household has his colour, the house can become purple, still can become green, when the mood is not happy, the house can become blue. Burano, of course, the “artist” has excellent painting, however, they are not only good at the bold innovation, is keen on the color, if you see the red house, the Windows with green to decorate, or yellow Windows, housing is blue don’t surprised, because they usually can’t combine color in burano “painter” appears extremely harmonious, the use of the function and don’t feel abrupt, red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, green… Strong blocks of color collide to create a world of incomparable splendor, which is simply fascinating and intoxicant. It is much more novel than the gorgeous buildings of huxion in provence and lido island in France, and the color alone is enough to attract tourists from all over the world.


But such a beautiful island in the past is only used for direction, people living in burano is started with fish, sea fog, fishermen and nothing can identify the direction of the tool, then brush in their houses that grabs an eye color, they can find the color to find home, but the color is only seven kinds of style, the adjacent two inevitably bump color, then the government regulation, adjacent house is not the same color, the inhabitants of burano so the town built a fairy tale kingdom, copy is like the building blocks burano also known as color island.

Venice, no bus, only public transport ship, this is because Venice is surrounded by the sea, and a “the city of the sea”, this makes the blah river can only be built along the river, so went into the town, will find that the town is colorful houses on both sides, the middle should be places of streets now became a river, and on both sides of the river is discus the boat, a ship to a ship, such as running water in the car world of geta burano instead, as the boat every household. Go into the depths of the alley, gradually immersed in the island of spring leisurely atmosphere, quietly watching the “artists” elaborately decorated a window of a door, this is the most condensed burano residents work place, the Windows the orange that puts on the flower pot, green shutters, red flowers was facing the window, does the shutter is closed mostly, that is to say, the Windows of the unique design is for others to see. No one can resist the beauty, just as no one can resist the charm of brano.


Known for its lace, fishing catches, egg yolks and colorful bungalows, brano island is known for its “god accidentally knocked over the palette”. But in fact, what makes this island colorful and beautiful is never god’s painting, but everyone who comes to this island, their emotions, expectations and moods mixed with each other.

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