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Brad Lake, The Most Beautiful Lake On Earth

Slovenia is a small country, but it is the only country in Europe covering the Alps, the Mediterranean, the pannonian plain and the karst region. Deep sea rippling, lush vistas of mountains, vast plains wizard, endless winding valley song water, mountains, lakes, forest, beach, caves and other type of both, a very charming natural landscape, in all the beautiful natural landscape, has been praised for the Alps big beautiful eyes of brad lake, is undoubtedly the most famous of these, it is not only the most beautiful scenery, Slovenia is also one of the most beautiful lake in the world’s top ten.


Lake brad was formed about 14,000 years ago as a result of the geological movement of glaciers in the Alps. Here is not only a summer resort, but also a good place for winter sports, winter lake ice up to 40 cm thick, the mountains filled with snow, can be carried out skating and skiing, so here has been held many European and world ice and water sports competitions, the four seasons are a good season for tourism.

Since the middle ages, and especially during the austro-hungarian empire, it has been a summer resort for the royal family, when the grand princes of Hungary, Austria and Switzerland were proud to visit the lake. Now every year attracts countless visitors, to see the beauty, a kiss to comfort.

Lake blad is about 100 kilometers away from ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. Just get off the car, immediately ran to the lake, the first eye was deeply fascinated by it: the blue lake like European beauty deep clear blue eyes, eyes with deep feeling, make people moved, ecstasy. Clear weather is very powerful, blue sky white clouds under the cliff castle majestic, the lake church steeple elegant and beautiful, from time to time from the melodious melodious bell, the middle of the lake has a towering tree island, the island in the shade of a church steeple; Around the lake curve exquisite, tree shade, from time to time to see naughty little squirrels jumping up and down, the lake swimming with flocks of white swans and ducks, dangqi double oar boat in the mirror like the lake painted a ripples, the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds in the clear lake, with the ripples gently rippling. Such a beautiful scenery, such a beautiful weather, the United States let a person as if in a fairy tale world dream.


There is a baroque church of Santa maria on the island in the middle of the lake. There is also a sad and beautiful story: in the 16th century, a young and loving couple came from other places to visit here, intoxicated by the beauty of the lake and mountains, and did not want to leave but settled here. Later, her husband was drafted into the army to fight against the invasion of the Ottoman empire. The broken heart of his wife, who had been waiting for years to hear the news, sold all her possessions, forged a huge bell, and donated it to the church on an island in the middle of the lake. After that, she left the place where they had left their beautiful days, but it became a place of sadness, and finally died in Rome. From then on, there is a beautiful legend: if the groom took the bride to the island, from the dock up 99 steps to the island church, and rang the church bell together, the marriage will be happy, a dream come true. Therefore, the bell here rings from time to time, not to tell the time, but to pray for a wish, pray for the constancy of love, the end of life.

The castle and the baroque church on the edge of the lake are said to have been built by Henry ii of Germany in the 11th century. People in the scenery, scenery in the camera, whether it is shooting people or scenery, people can not stop.


When we got to brede castle, we saw everything. Pinglan distant view, infinite feelings, inky forest around towering peaks, green pastures dotted with red houses, meandering path extended to the distance, under the blue sky white clouds village quiet simple. If lake brad is the beautiful eye of the Alps, surrounded by the verdant Alps, the island in the middle is its beautiful pupil.

When the castle was built to defense the enemy, especially after the 13 th-century Mongol armies swept the continent, the authorities of all countries to avoid repeating too, in all places high building is quite difficult to attack the castle, the castle after finished the defence function of historical mission, and bore the burden of tourism, now let people mourn history here, watch the scenery. The small square of brad castle still has archaize performance, the actor that disguises as ancient warrior, perform hard, reproduce historical scene.


In the daytime, brad lake is full of vitality and passion. Besides tourists who are intoxicated with the beautiful scenery, there are also cyclists, runners, fishermen and sunbathers on the lake. In the lake, there are boating and swimming. When the evening sunset peak with a piece of golden color, the lake shallow dimples, shining gold scrap a little light, and an evening retire, the bright moon, cool breeze stroke, on the cliff is castle lights set off as mysterious castle lived a beautiful princess in a fairy tale, lake filled the bar lights flashing, bright moon breeze a cup of wine, how feelings how to enjoy! When the night is still, and the wind and the insects are singing, and you are lulled to sleep by the whispers of nature, you will know what a land of peace and happiness is like — lake brad, like a fairy tale!

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