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Best Sights Of Bonn, Germany

When you’re in Bonn, the Drachenburg is a striking building to add to your sightseeing list! The late 19th century palace is located just outside the city, on a hill overlooking all the sights of the Rhine and Bonn. Inside, you’ll find paintings and other luxurious, period – appropriate furniture; Outside, you’ll find immaculate terraces and gardens. Admission costs only a few euros per adult, so a day can be easily and cheaply spent – the north tower views are breathtaking!

Beethoven was born in Bonn. Today, Bonngasse 20 has become a museum about the life of famous composers. You can expect to see a lot of information, including his time in Bonn and his time in Vienna — and because the place is still a major research center for Beethoven enthusiasts, there is a special exhibition of rotating series from all over the world. You can head to a Beethoven concert, attend a concert by the Beethoven orchestra, and prepare for sensual delight. In every orchestra in the world, this one has shown some of the best renditions of their eponymous work, so if you don’t add a concert to your list, you’re bound to be uncomfortable.


When you think of the cherry blossom festival, you might think of Japan — but think again, because Bonn has its own cherry blossom festival every spring, usually sometime in April, which is very noteworthy. The splash of pink on the Heerstrasse boulevard is a beautiful color pale against the street, the color of neoclassical architecture, almost as if some painter had created the image. And because the streets are narrow, trees just planted in the 1980s form a pink tunnel in the road, and if you look at it at the right Angle, there’s only a little bit of sky to peep at. Flowers usually bloom for a few weeks – but don’t delay your trip: you’ll want to come back day after day and enjoy the atmosphere and beauty at one of the many outdoor cafes! In addition, during the festival, there are usually live music performances, art exhibitions and so on.


If you like science, the Alexander koenig museum may be your place — it is one of the best museums of natural history and zoology in Germany. Also the German museum Bonn, the Bonn art museum, Arithmeum, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn.

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