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Beijing 798 Art District Is A Holy Land Full Of Art

If you are a unique person with a fantasy about beauty, unique ideas about the world’s fantastic designs, and more importantly, if you are still close to our capital city, please spare half a day to visit the 798 art district during your planned trip. This place is full of infinite creative inspiration, come here and you will find what you long for.


Step into the street of 798, you will find that there is no ordinary shop, all are unique shops with their own characteristics. Even if you are a people who do not understand art appreciation, see those strange have not seen the sculpture or decorate, you will suddenly think there are such wonderful things in the world, in an instant you aroused a creative passion, want to go home immediately take out a sheet of paper writing painting, or say some everyday say a representative on the spot words of life philosophy.


Go there and buy a gift that represents the artistic atmosphere of the capital for your fellow travelers. You can walk into a shop with all kinds of small goods. You will find it amazing that every shop there sells a variety of things, there is no category. From a specially designed key chain to a variety of clothes and bags to an art collection that you might not be able to afford, it’s no surprise that items with vastly different prices end up in the same store. So you can always go into a small shop and find the perfect gift for your friend.


There you can enjoy various exhibitions that are limited in time or open for a long time. As a hub for artists, it hosts more than 100 exhibitions each year. From small exhibitions by artists you’ve never heard of, to classic exhibitions by internationally renowned designers, 798 is a perfect blend of art that represents beauty. After you follow the trends of the exhibitions you are interested in on the Internet, you can get all kinds of information about these exhibitions in time, such as the time and place of the exhibition, whether tickets are needed, whether reservations are needed and so on. If you are just an ordinary tourist and have no special requirements for various exhibitions, then go ahead and walk into the exhibition that you find interesting. You can choose to pay a fee or skip it and move on to the next exhibition. There is always a free design exhibition waiting for you. You don’t come back here with nothing.


You can take all kinds of beautiful pictures there. You should know that as an art hub, it has not only exhibitions, handicraft shops and galleries, but also restaurants and cafes. All of these places have unique decor and are completely heaven for photography lovers. Most importantly, there are unique sculptures and buildings that can be used as a backdrop for your photos in a way that you can’t find anywhere else.

Do you have a strong interest in Beijing 798 art district? Don’t hesitate to pick up your camera and bring your friends to enjoy the edification of art there.

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