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Peruvian Rainbow Hill, The Beauty You Can’t Imagine

By Janet / July 3, 2019

There are all kinds of special features in the world, and every scene can make people forget to return. Xiao Bian learned a magical scene, beautiful, difficult to describe with words, Peruvian Rainbow Mountain, this is a very distinctive and characteristic place. Let’s take a look! The Rainbow Mountains of Peru, the mountain is in […]


Barcelona – The Best Buildings In The World Are Here

By Janet / July 2, 2019

The whole of Barcelona is an art city hosted by Gaudi’s architectural “Ghosts”. Walking in the streets of Barcelona, there are traces of this ghost designer everywhere – Barcelona is the city of Gaudí, Gaudí is the soul of Barcelona, a world famous city. Barcelona, known as the “Iberian Pearl”, is undoubtedly the hall of […]


Don’t Miss These Beautiful European Towns

By Janet / July 1, 2019

1. Austria Hallstatt This is a town like a fairy tale. The elegant wooden house and its characteristic salt mine are particularly famous. It was also listed as a World Heritage Site in 1977.The red house built by the mountain reflects the green mountains in the distance. The middle of the clear water flows slowly. […]


Georgia – The Forgotten God’s Back Garden

By Janet / June 30, 2019

Now that the standard of living has improved, many people will choose to relax in this way of tourism, get close to nature, and liberate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city. Traveling is a wonderful thing for everyone. With the shackles of the unknown, leaving home, there is no lack of thoughts […]


Essential Items And Precautions For Island Tourism

By Janet / June 29, 2019

People like to travel, people like island travel. But travel to islands should be cautious. Now let’s share the necessary items and precautions for island tourism. Clothes: when you go to the beach in spring, try to bring dry clothes, because it is hard to avoid wet clothes, and the sea air is humid. Even […]


The Firefly Base Of Moganshan Is Full Of People Who Go To Watch Every Day

By Janet / June 29, 2019

Many people cannot leave fireflies in their childhood memories of summer, which are mysterious, surprising and full of romantic colors. Especially in the starry night, flying elves like fairies holding small lanterns and blinking bright eyes give me a fairy-tale dream. In moganshan, k.k. cloud can completely satisfy all the fantasies in my heart, and […]


Dongshan Island — The Combination Of Natural Scenery And Local Customs

By Janet / June 28, 2019

Dongshan island is the second largest island in fujian province and the seventh largest island in China. It belongs to dongshan county, zhangzhou city, fujian province. It lies between xiamen city and shantou city, guangdong province. The main scenic spots include guandi temple, fengshaishi, dongmen island, dongshan oil painting academy, jinluan bay, maluan bay, sufengshan […]


The Closest Place To God – Georgia

By Janet / June 27, 2019

Georgia is located on the entire Black Sea coast in the Midwest of the Transcaucasian region of Eurasia, in the middle of the Kura River and in the Alazani Valley, a tributary of the Kura River. It was a republic of the Soviet Union and the home of Stalin. There are stretches of mountains, covered […]


Traveling To Mauritius, What Is The Attraction Of This Place?

By Janet / June 26, 2019

With its turquoise waters and fine white sands, Mauritius is a particularly luxurious resort. = The beauty of Mauritius is beautiful. There are not only attractive beaches, but also a variety of birds in the jungle for you to enjoy. You can also go to the jungle to ride. If you like diving, you can […]


The Most Beautiful Top Ten Islands In The World

By Janet / June 24, 2019

1. Seychelles Among the world’s most beautiful top ten islands, the Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of more than 90 small islands. The scenery of the beach is simply invincible. There are many rare animals in the surrounding area. Now it has become the most abundant in the world. One of […]

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