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Winter Travel Tips

By Janet / November 20, 2019

1. Outdoor tourism in winter, human body exposed parts or peripheral parts of the skin for a long time by cold and wet stimulation, may appear on the skin erythya accompanied by abnormal feelings, serious can develop into blisters, ulcers. If you stay in the cold for too long, not only will the skin damage, […]


Dubrovnik Scenic Tour

By Janet / November 19, 2019

Dubrovnik, also known as lagusa. A port city in southeastern Croatia, the largest tourist center and health resort. It is located on the limestone peninsula south of the dalmatian coast. Hill by the sea, lush forests, is a medieval style of the ancient city. Dubrovnik has “the best European tourist attractions”, “the world’s top 10 […]


Jacob’s Well, USA — Beauty And Danger

By Janet / November 18, 2019

Jacob’s well in Wimberley, Texas, is one of the most dangerous places in the world to dive and dive in. Twelve divers have died in the area, but many are still eager to try their “one dive for life” goal. According to reports, the jacoby well area is a geological treasure in Texas. It is […]


Banff National Park — Canada’s First National Park

By Janet / November 17, 2019

Banff national park is the first national park in Canada. It was established more than 130 years ago. It is located in the northern part of the Rocky Mountains in alberta. Every year, millions of backpackers come to the Rocky Mountains to visit banff national park, starting with the small town of banff, which has […]


Phuket Blue Tree — Asia’s Largest Water Park

By Janet / November 16, 2019

The much-anticipated Blue Tree Phuket water park has already attracted many locals and tourists, even though it is only a soft opening. In fact, Phuket has some water parks, but they are smaller and less entertaining. The birth of Blue Tree Phuket will soon become the largest amusement park in Thailand and the next web […]


Yellowstone Grand Prismatic Spring: The Third Largest Hot Spring In The World

By Janet / November 15, 2019

Yellowstone national park in the United States claims to be the world’s first national park and the most popular tourist attraction in the United States. Yellowstone’s hot springs, waterfalls, primeval forests and wildlife offer an extraordinary experience. Especially the steaming hot springs in Yellowstone, what a dreamland.   The most famous of the many hot […]


Giraffe Manor In Kenya

By Janet / November 14, 2019

Africa is a dynamic and fascinating continent. It’s an incredible place to immerse yourself in history and learn about the past. A particularly fascinating and visually striking period here is the turn of the twentieth century. If you want to go back and look at Kenya in The 1930s, you have to look at giraffe […]


Amorous Feelings Of Morocco

By Janet / November 13, 2019

Chefchaouen Old City, a hilly, heavily Arab area, is beautiful, a “smurf City,” perfect for photography. The streets of the old city are covered by shops, all blue houses, there will be endless photos, the flavor of the city restaurant is also very diverse. Thousands of medina, sand, blue as the world of fairy tale […]


The “Blue Train” In Paris — A Symbol Of Paris

By Janet / November 12, 2019

Le Train Bleu has a total space of over 500 square meters and a ceiling of about 8 meters high. From the wall to the roof, huge murals are set among the complicated golden sculptures, and a series of magnificent chandeliers shine the charming light. The starched tablecloth on the table, the silver cutlery and […]


The Location Of Harry Potter — England Gloucester

By Janet / November 11, 2019

Gloucester, located in southwest England, is an important river port in British history. The town retains its original appearance, with a thriving dockyard that attracts millions of visitors. The magnificent cathedral, with its beautiful decorations, is an important pilgrimage centre, where harry potter was filmed. 1. Gloucester Cathedral Gloucester cathedral is a magnificent gothic cathedral, […]

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