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Amorous Feelings Of Morocco

Chefchaouen Old City, a hilly, heavily Arab area, is beautiful, a “smurf City,” perfect for photography. The streets of the old city are covered by shops, all blue houses, there will be endless photos, the flavor of the city restaurant is also very diverse.


Thousands of medina, sand, blue as the world of fairy tale town, in a beautiful blue mountains, is a local human mosquitoes get the house painted blue, dream don’t want to leave, to the church hill to see the sunset in the evening before the town is the most beautiful blue, early in the morning tour can carry a camera move back and forth in each lane, a ubiquitous sprout of cats.


It is not all painted blue here. The old buildings with good texture materials still retain their original appearance, and the ugly ones are painted with various blues and whites, which match each other perfectly. Schefshawan’s characteristics: a variety of blue + cute cats. The cats here are really not afraid of people, and are very active in clingers.


Morocco’s famous blue and white town is all blue as far as the eye can see. Along the sometimes wide and sometimes narrow steps, visit a distinctive shop, bargaining feeling is more happy than the price, corner to meet your love. A lively child is the best model for a photo shoot. Take it easy.

The famous royal stables and granaries, into the stables, the kind of shock and magnificent indescribable. The granary of the royal stables was a pretty sight. It was not open when we arrived, but guan dao knocked on the front door, which was separated by thick walls and had skylights and air holes in the roof.


As a world heritage site, meknes is best known for its 25 kilometers of ancient city walls. It is the longest, most complete, most complex and most richly formed ancient wall in Morocco. And the most spectacular on the wall, is the victory, the meaning of victory named mansol gate. It is located opposite the city square and is said to have been built as a monument to mulai ismail’s great achievements.

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