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A Trip To The Death Valley National Park In The United States, Worth A visit!

Located in the southeastern part of California, Death Valley National Park is named after extreme weather and geological conditions. It is a magical work of nature and a magical paradise for adventurers.

The Dante Observation Deck is an excellent place to overlook the Death Valley’s vertical and horizontal gullies. It can also see the lowest point of the Death Valley and the highest point of the telescope peak, the left snow mountain. The beauty of Death Valley is so beautiful that it is so magnificent and singular. When you see this, you should be able to understand what kind of “Hell” is described by Dante.

If you think you have seen golf courses around the world, you must know that there is such a golf course called “Devil” in Death Valley National Park in the United States. The stadium near the Badwater Basin is called the “Devil” golf course. It is entirely because the entire plain is an endless, sharp and sloppy saline-alkali land, and the creators believe that only the devil can play on such a course.

The Bad Water Basin is the lowest point in the North American continent and the second lowest in the Western Hemisphere. The predecessor was the Manly Lake in the Holocene period. From the stepped walkway covered with a thick layer of salt to the vicinity of the bad water, a striking wooden sign is marked with its altitude: about 85.5 meters below sea level. On the cliff behind the parking lot, there is a sign that marks the position of the sea level. The white English characters are also very eye-catching: Sea Level.

Playing in the sand dunes of the Mesquite Plain is the best way to start exploring the Death Valley. These sand dunes are not the highest sand dunes in Death Valley. The highest sand dunes are the Eureka dunes, which must be driven by a four-wheel drive, but they are the easiest sand dunes to visit. The best time to visit this place is before sunrise or before sunset, because you can see the beautiful light and color. Long shadows and soft light are best for shooting sand dunes.

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