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A Place Life Must Go To – Hulunbeier Prairie

Hulun buir is located in the northernmost part of Inner Mongolia, near the northernmost town of mohe in the north of China, and bordering Russia and Mongolia in the west. Most of the natural ecological environment here, such as forests, grasslands and lakes, has not been baptized by human industrial civilization, and has primitive and ancient natural features, as well as exotic customs in the border between China and Russia and China and Mongolia.


Hulun buir is often referred to as the “prairie”, in fact, there are not only rich grassland tourism resources, but also a very broad area of the xingan mountains forest. Erguna and moldouga are worth a special visit during the autumn season, as are the odu guya reindeer park, the only domestic reindeer herd in China. Most of the grassland areas already have a perfect tourism development, can ride horses, archery, night yurt, for the uninhibited Mongolian people in the TV series to try their hand at life. And, of course, mouth-watering prairie cuisine.

Hulun buir also has a lot of beautiful scenery.


Mozhigele river originates from the western foot of the great khingan mountains, the river is winding, some places less than 100 meters in length, but there are more than ten curves, so known as “qu”. The middle and lower reaches of the mozhigele river have the most beautiful scenery, with blue sky, white clouds, curved water, green mountains, cattle and sheep forming a beautiful picture.

The moon bubble, as the locals call it, is shaped like a crescent moon bubble, just like her image: curved and lying quietly on the edge of a mountain, whether you come or not. The moon bubble is a bubble, shaped like a crescent moon, as beautiful as not on earth.

The eagle’s beak stood alone on the top of a high ridge, a huge rock. Because the stone shaped like the eagle’s mouth, so the way here tourists are also stopping to watch, also when a small rest. The haur river turns under the old eagle’s beak, and the scenery on both sides of the river is also very beautiful!


Travel tips:

1.Month 6- 8 go to hulun buir, mainly wear short-sleeved, trousers during the day, but must carry at least one long sleeve warm coat, because of sufficient light, air pollution, can carry sun-protective clothing, wear sunglasses.

2. Mosquitoes are active on the grassland in summer, so try not to wear shorts. Wear lightweight and comfortable shoes whenever possible.

3.The best time to travel in hulun buir grassland is from June to August every year, which is the hottest time in summer.


4. The weather on the grassland changes rapidly, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. In summer, the night is cool, so please keep warm. Grassland and lakeside are a lot of mosquitoes, to pay attention to the prevention of mosquitoes, such as toilet water, repellent, wind oil and so on.

5. The ultraviolet rays are very strong, pay attention to protect yourself from the sun. Grassland climate is dry, pay attention to moisturizing.

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