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A Man-made Lake In Canada Is Famous For Its Ice Bubbles

Alberta Abraham lake was built in 1972, 32 kilometers in length, 53.70 square kilometers, the name is in honor of the aboriginal – Slias Abraham, rocky mountain is located in banff and jasper national park border kootenay plains, belong to the Columbia ice core region, is a typical artificial lake, but because of located at the heart of the Rocky Mountains, tens of thousands of years, glacier melting in the summer, the glaciers in the fading process led to a lot of powder and rock grain sink in the lake, under the reflection of light, produce distinctive jade color, has the famous banff and lake Louise, The same color of peitu lake and emerald lake allows visitors to experience a unique tour of lakes and mountains in summer.


Every January to march, the bubble lake in summer, due to the sudden drop in the weather, looks more like a winter gem, which is why many photographers like to shoot one of their favorite scenes in winter. What causes sub-bubbles to form? Grass is Abraham of bubbles in the lake, the water fell into the water and sank to the bottom, the lake below feel cheerful wait for bacteria, bacteria chew them, spit methane, when it comes into contact with the chilled water become white floating point, when the temperature fell sharply in December, the lake suddenly frozen, the white bubble hasn’t come yet and rise was blocked in the lake under the surface, which is the original reasons for the formation of bubble in the ice.


Because Abraham lake lakebed has many plants to live, will release a large amount of methane, when the temperature of the lake is low enough, the methane rising from the bottom of the lake will produce continuous bubbles will be frozen, thus forming the natural phenomenon of frozen bubbles, the whole lake full of size bubbles, very spectacular. The rising methane gas, however, is frozen in layers, some of varying sizes, but others forming a similar series of bubbles. Some of the bubbles are not regular circles, just irregular, which makes the scene more spectacular and attractive.


The frozen bubbles of lake Abraham form a beautiful landscape with the Rocky Mountains, which look like a girl wearing a delicate decoration. The lake became famous after a photographer captured the stunning frozen bubble phenomenon and it quickly went viral on social media.

Wear thick, suggest to bring XueYi, snow pants, gloves and hats to buy a chain pins, or bring snow shoes on your camera, backup battery and tripod suggest tourist service area in Louis lake or Rocky Mountain House, buy some food, from Calgary or armon’s friends, wintry day went 11 high speed is relatively easy to some, do not recommend go ice landscape avenue, easy parking place is a Preacher ‘s Point, because the lake is big, suggested that the visitors can stay other place to find proper observation points. But be careful, because the time is a man-made lake, lake ice under the bubble is a river, with the rocky mountain climate is changeable, the possibility of ice crack at any time, at any time there will be a possibility of fall into the water, this is the life for a long time in the local people are very worry about a thing, so remind you attention, try not to walk very far, distance from the shore on a ski pole, detection, it is best to 3 to 5 groups of walk on the ice.

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