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A Fairy Tale World In The Desert Of Redemption Mountain, California

There is a salvation mountain in the deserts of southern California near the Mexican border. It’s in Joshua Tree National Park.


Behind the mountain of redemption lies a story of faith and love. An old man and his redeeming mountain have been painting for thirty years, building a colorful mountain by himself. He was a very devout Christian. In the desert, there is no water or electricity, no air conditioning, and it is extremely inconvenient to eat. He sleeps in the car, alone, and after such a lonely old age, he leaves us dazzling colors and sincere love.


Now there are some volunteers out there doing some maintenance. Because of the severe sun, the bright color will fade with time, they will replace it in time, the mountain will be beautiful forever.

But redemption mountain really became famous, in large part because of the large number of European and American fashion magazines that shot here. Now has become a domestic web celebrity and taobao model shooting place. Here is really how to take photos how beautiful, just a shot is a big picture, personally think it is very worth a. It’s said Jessica shot a video right here.


In fact, there are some small houses near this mountain, rv, old furniture piled into a mountain are very amorous feelings, artistic atmosphere is very strong, very suitable for taking photos, like taking photos must go.


It’s really not a big mountain, it’s just a small hill, but it’s really beautiful, and it’s really perfect to take pictures of, you know, it’s really big. Many people will climb to the top of the mountain to take photos, and many people will take wedding photos here.


In fact, redemption mountain is an artificial art installation. Its owner, Leonard Knight, was born in 1931. He became a Christian at the age of 36. His “mountain-building” movement began. That’s 24 years. The color of redeemer mountain is really beautiful, and the words God.Bible. Love are written here and there. The body of redeemer mountain is made of concrete and artificial earth bricks. The surface of the mountain was painted with various colors of water-based paint. The sun was baking, and some of the colors were peeling, and the paint was melting and twisting. Still, the mountain of redemption is breathtaking.

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