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7 Must-Know Cafes In Seoul

1. Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Cafe is located near hongda, which not only has a variety of delicious waffles, but also two cute baby sheep! That’s right, the baa baa you played with litt and sula on “we’re married.” how about a waffle with fresh fruit or ice cream, and playing with the sheep?


2. Hoho Myoll
In Hoho Myoll’s small storefront, the most eye-catching lounge area is a retro-minibus. Inside and outside of the store, there are all kinds of interesting gadgets hanging.
3. Xuelin tea house

Han drama because “you” from the stars and the more people know the cafe, although called “tea”, but there is actually a cafe with a long history, since it opened in 1956, the store keeps the style, and the decorations builds a small clear new different restoring ancient ways, here’s a desk a chair has a real sense of s, sit here and drink a cup of coffee, as if really went back to the 60 s of last century in Seoul.


4. Coffee Smith
Another famous because of the Korean dramas mania Coffee shop, had hit the “it doesn’t matter is love ah” wonderful radio work in the Coffee shop is here, but in addition to the TV stunt, Coffee Smith’s popularity is a unique store design, tall open space is full of artistic feeling, always lets a person cannot help but want to go.

5. O ‘sulloc
O ‘sulloc, a popular green tea themed cafe in Seoul, has branches in myeongdong, insetoong and daegu road. In addition to matcha flavored desserts and drinks, there are green tea consultation areas where fresh green tea baked by a tea master can be tasted, as well as ceramic tea sets.


6. The Cafe 1 mm
In the Cafe, art space forest sanqing hole, Cafe 1mm store is not too conspicuous, but you will find special place: the store filled with a delicate mini house, and ultra-realistic pocket food, as if each “home” has its own story. Here, the air is not only filled with the mellow aroma of coffee, but also full of warmth.

7. Cafe de Paris
While Cafe DE Paris has several chains in Seoul, the most famous mango cups can only be found at the sungshandong mall branch. Not only that, the signature strawberry waffles and cherry cups are seasonal and only available in the spring.


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