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5 Best Seaside Swimming Pools In Sydney

1. MacCallumPool

Originally a rock-wrapped Pool, the MacCallum Pool was converted into a 33-meter-long swimming Pool by the local council in the 1920s. Inside, you can enjoy views of the city’s coastline, sunbathing on the wooden deck or jumping into the pool for fun. The water is above sea level and is cleaned and changed every week.


2. The Bronte Baths

Although the Bronte Baths have larger pools nearby, the beauty of the ocean Baths is not to be sneezed at. It is set in a rocky cliff with long steps leading to a swimming pool in a shallow pool, perfect for families and children.

In the middle of the pool is a section separated by a wooden fence, providing a place of relaxation for those who do not swim just for the sake of swimming.


3. MahonPool

Unlike most of the rock pools in Sydney, Mahon Pool is not attached to a corner of the beach, but exists on its own. A few hundred meters north of Maroubra beach, next to a rocky platform at the bottom of a steep hill, you’ll find this beautiful rocky pool.
If you don’t like the feeling of sand sticking to your feet, you can’t miss this!

Built in 1932, MahonPool is about 30 meters long. The most attractive feature of MahonPool is that when the sea level is high, waves will flow into the pool from all sides, and even the inside of the pool will form a small wave. However, due to the safety risks of swimming when the sea level is too high, tourists are also invited to visit when the sea is calm.


4. Bondi Icebergs Pool

Located at the most famous bondi beach in Sydney, it is the most suitable seaside pool for taking photos in Australia. The seawater swimming pool with a length of 50 meters is not only a popular place for sunbathing, but also a landmark of bondi beach for hundreds of years.
Not only is it safe to swim here, but you also have a beautiful view of the sea and, if you’re lucky, dolphins and whales. So bondi iceberg pool has been called one of the most fantastic swimming pools in the world, take a look.



5. Wylie ‘s Baths

With an ocean pool by day and a wedding at night, Wylie’s baths have barely changed since they were founded in 1907 on the Maroubra to Bondi coastal walkway. The sea wall and floating bridge at the edge of the pool is one of its features.

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