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30 European Cities You Never Thought To Visit – But Really Should

Summer is coming and we have no doubt that you’re already thinking of your next holiday.Head on a trip to Europe this year? Sure, everyone knows Paris and its gleaming avenues, Rome and its noble temples, Madrid and its party ambience…But there are other cities and sights of enviable pulchritude that often get overlooked.

Today, we has compiled a list of 15 of the most beautiful yet underrated cities in Europe. Once you’ve visited the classics, you definitely should visit these places before they become too mainstream.

1.Porto, Portugal


The history of Porto dates back to Roman times, and today it’s a colorful, romantic port city with rich history and culture. The lively and cheerful atmosphere of the former capital of Portugal will charge you with energy and excitement. If you like the hustle and bustle of big cities, this place is just for you.Porto is also the birthplace of port wine, so get ready to drink.

2. Ronda, Spain


This unique centuries-old city seems to be hovering over the precipice. It is wonderful to get lost in the town’s old streets while enjoying its unique atmosphere.

3.Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Freiburg is a university town surrounded by nature. It has a medieval story-book feel, yet is also one of the greenest cities in the world. The city is known for its eco-friendly housing, use of solar power and lack of cars. Freiburg is also perfectly located at the entrance to the stunning, mythical-sounding Black Forest.

4.Český Krumlov, Czech Republic


With its fabulous atmosphere of paved roads and bridges, lovely houses, and hospitable people, it’s little wonder that this charming small city captivates the hearts of a great majority of its visitors.

5.Bergamo, Italy


Largely ignored by travellers in favour of nearby Milan, Bergamo is Lombardy’s “finest hill town”, according to Janette Griffiths, while its Piazza Vecchia is “one of the loveliest” in Italy. The journalist and broadcaster Sian Williams is also a fan: “It’s a charming walled city with lovely little winding streets where you can pick up a gelato, and is also the perfect base from which to explore the Lombardy countryside and the Italian lakes. The city and surrounding area are so romantic and just made for a short spring break.”

So  you can spend hours exploring its narrow ancient streets. And after a walking tour, make sure to visit one of the local restaurants…they have 250 types of pizza to choose from!

6.Albarracin, Spain


Standing on the rocky ledges, this pink city looks like a fairy tale kingdom. Visit Albarracin and get lost in its narrow streets where time seems to stand still. It is an amazing experience.

7. Innsbruck, Austria


Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol region, in the western part of Austria. The city sits in a valley, with mountains towering above it. On any given day in Innsbruck visitors can tour the awe-inspiring Imperial Palace, ride the funicular up to the slopes and spend the evening chilling in pub among the locals.

8.Bruges, Belgium


Gingerbread-like houses, picture-perfect romantic streets connected by arched bridges, and the expansive network of canals are what make Bruges ’the Venice of the North.’ Many people consider it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and we willingly agree with them.

9. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is gaining traction as a new favorite for travelers. It’s often considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with its distinctive architecture and romantic setting on the Danube River. Sample Hungarian cuisine, soak in the hot springs and explore the city’s complex history.

10.Split, Croatia


A seaside town with a ton of historic wonders, Split has the best of both worlds. The city is home to Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with bars, restaurants and shopping. The city’s coastal mountain backdrop can’t be beat.

11.Sintra, Portugal


Amazingly bright and unusual, Sintra will make you believe that you’ve stepped into a fairy tale. With its pompous colorful castles and exotic gardens, this city is not to be missed.

12.Treviso, Italy


No-frills flights to Venice often land in Treviso, some 20 miles away. But there’s good reason to delay the onward trip, reckons Lee Langley. He adds: “The centre of Treviso is a little walled city, with medieval gates, narrow, cobbled streets of arcaded rose-red brick and stone that twist and turn like dried-out water courses – which is what some of them originally were. Tiny canals run past handkerchief-sized gardens, glide beneath houses, appear at street corners. Gushing millstreams, some with black water-wheels that once had a commercial purpose, now turn lazily, playing a purely decorative role.”

13.Helsinki, Finland


If Helsinki were a person, it’d be the cool friend with a quirky sense of humor and a totally chill outlook on life. This capital city is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe — and is a cool mix of islands, green parks, and urban cityscape. Although it isn’t as spread out as Europe’s other capitals, it offers the entire European experience, with a vibrant nightlife, amazing markets, and a dizzying array of new restaurants and cafes.

14.Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The old bridge was the structure that divided the city into two parts — the Bosnian and the Croatian. Now Mostar is a unique place where eastern and western civilizations and cultures meet. This is felt not only in the architecture but also in the national cuisine and local traditions.

15.Koman, Albania


This unremarkable town is worth stopping at only in order to see the natural beauty of Komani lake. Azure water, picturesque shores covered with greenery — it seems you can’t find a more amazing place!

16. Rhodes Town, Greece


Surrounded by some of the bluest waters you probably will ever see, this Rhodes Town is bursting with historic sites and modern indulgences. In the Old Town you’ll find a maze of ancient streets, Roman ruins, medieval castles and a former Byzantine cathedral that was later converted into a mosque. In the New Town, shop the upscale boutiques, bistros, bars and an awesome beach. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Mandraki Harbor.

17.Bergen, Norway


When you think of Norway you probably picture lots of gorgeous outdoorsy locations and Oslo. But Bergen definitely deserves some attention. Bergen is a lively city with excellent nightlife and restaurants, and a beautiful waterfront. Also, it’s at the gateway to those famous fjords, including Sognefjord.

18.Annecy, France


Time seems to stand still in this small town which is located on the shore of a lake. Take the opportunity to go on a walking tour around the town, and don’t forget to visit the old castle.

19.Basel, Switzerland


Basel sits on the Rhine River, near the borders of Germany and France, giving the city a unique multi-national flair. The city is a culture buff’s heaven — Basel has the largest concentration of museums in Europe.

20.Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana may be the prettiest city you haven’t been to yet. The capital city of Slovenia boasts a blend of cultures, including German, Slovenian and Mediterranean.It is unassumingly chic, with an ambiance that emulates the energetic streets of Paris. In the summer, vendors and cafes set up along the river in the pedestrian-only city center and stay open into the early morning hours, transforming the area into a giant street party.

Ljubljana Castle

A medieval castle hovers over Ljubljana, just outside the city center.

21.Bled, Slovenia


In Slovenia, there is a place that seems like something out of a fairytale. That place is beautiful Bled Island which  is located around a 60 minute drive from the capital Ljubljana.

The island is in the middle of an emerald green mountain lake, Bled Lake, with spectacular Castle Bled perched high on a cliff and overlooking this fairytale kingdom.


It is almost a meditative moment seeing the smooth surface of the lake in the early morning, with the mountain scenery reflected in the still water.

22.Ronda, Spain

This unique centuries-old city seems to be hovering over the precipice. It is wonderful to get lost in the town’s old streets while enjoying its unique atmosphere.

23.Odense, Denmark


Odense is the quirky little capital of Funen, the third largest island in Denmark. The fact that Hans-Christen Andersen was born here makes this storybook town even more quaint. The town’s main attractions are open-air museum Funen Village and the Odense Zoo, along with many restaurants and cafes.

24.Genoa, Italy


Italy has no shortage of awesome cities, but one that often gets overlooked is Genoa. The hilly, ancient maritime city is known for its winding streets, colorful buildings and waterfront location. Genoa’s old port, Porto Antico, features palm tree-lined promenade, cafes and an aquarium. The old town will immediately transport you to medieval times, with its narrow cobblestone streets and the San Lorenzo Cathedral.

25.Novi Sad, Serbia


Known for its numerous museums, galleries, and monuments, it is no wonder Novi Sad is considered the cultural capital of Serbia. The symbol of Novi Sad is Petrovaradin Fortress, and it offers stunning views over the city and the Danube. You won’t regret your time spent in this charming town with colorful houses.

26. Cork, Ireland


Cork is often referred to as the “real capital of Ireland.” Dublin, the actual capital, is great. But if you’re looking for a city that is easy to navigate, with locals that are friendly and welcoming, and a laid-back vibe, Cork is for you. The city is also known for its “foodie” restaurants, pubs and live music.

27.Granada, Spain


Andalucía just sounds magical, doesn’t it? The city of Granada is located in the autonomous community of Andalucía, Spain. Granada’s main attraction is the Alhambra, a Moorish palace and citadel. Beyond the Alhambra though is a youthful city with a complex, multicultural history.

28.Maastricht, The Netherlands

maxresdefault (1)

Maastricht is really, really pretty. A university city, Maastricht is youthful yet sophisticated. There are two main squares: Vrijthof is known for its cathedral, bars and restaurants, and Markt is home to the town hall. Maastricht also draws in history buffs with its fortified walls and an underground network of tunnels that visitors can tour.

29.Riga, Latvia


Although Riga is the capital city of Latvia, it has also remained off the grid for most European-bound travelers. Riga is home to a proud community that strives to keep the city’s history as much a part of the culture as the current trends. Gargoyles tower above chic cafes, and swanky discotheques are set deep in preserved Art Nouveau buildings, giving this romantic city a fairytale kingdom vibe.

30.Reims, France


The city of Reims is quite possibly France’s best hidden gem. Not only is this the home of sparkling wine, but the city is also the glittering site for crowning the Kings of France. Reims is bubbling with so much to do and see, from touring the cathedral Notre-Dame de Reims and shopping at Les Galeries Lafayette to sauntering into Maison Fossier to sample the city’s famous Biscuit Rose de Reims, a pink cookie created in 1756 that is traditionally dipped in a glass of red wine or Champagne.

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