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20 Unique Things You Must Do in Europe This Summer

Are you heading to Europe this summer? Yes? Well, lucky you!

Europe…Everyone’s favorite continent in the mid-year summer rush…… beaches, tans, cocktails, crowds… summer in Europe is many things.You could be planning to see the most popular destinations of each country or visit the thousand years of history attractions or you are simply curious what this fascinating continent can show off to the rest of the world.

How about let’s take the other road? The unique one, take a break from the regular trip like walking around the stunning architectures of Greece, the magnificent ruins of Rome, the priceless beauty of Paris or the never ending party in Spain. Europe can offer more than its alluring sightseeing, there’s more to see and do here. Keep reading and be thrilled while I’m showing the 20 very different experiences you must not miss if you are heading for Europe this summer.

1. Sleep with fishes at Sweden’s Utter Inn


In many ways, Sweden‘s Utter Inn is your archetypal Swedish house: its walls are wood-panelled and painted red, there’s a white gabled roof, and the location – propped on a little island in the middle of Lake Malaren – is classic Scandinavia. But things get slightly surreal once you look out of the window of the hotel’s solitary room. A large Baltic salmon glides past, followed by a huge shoal of smelt. These are not your average lakeside views, but then you’re not actually lakeside. The island is actually a tiny pontoon, the red house just the tip of the architectural iceberg: Utter Inn lies 3m below the surface of the lake. A night spent here is literally like living in a goldfish bowl.

2.Interrail around Eastern Europe


Interrailing – aka. travelling around Europe with an unlimited rail pass – is extremely popular in Europe and can save you some pennies if you plan your itinerary well.Go interrailing the amazing places like Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia) and Lake Bled (Slovenia),and write a beautiful travel story about your experiences.Seeing Europe by train and feeling the wind in your hair as you lean out the window is one of a kind!

3.Go On the Ultimate “Game of Thrones” Tour in Croatia


Are you a fan of the popular TV Series Game of Thrones? Take your adventurous imagination from the show into reality. Stand on the stunning Kings Landing and Qarth. Take a tour in Dubrovnik, a selected World Heritage Site back in 1979.

4.Create Your Own Original Perfume in France


We all know that perfume in France is always trendy. Making your own perfume in this dazzling country won’t be that bad right? Grab the rare chance of creating your own fragrance with The House of Galimard which is world’s Fragrance Capital.

5.Play for high stakes at Italy’s Il Palio

Palio, the famous horse race of siena

Siena’s famous bareback horse race – Il Palio – is a highly charged, death-defying dash around the boundary of the city’s majestic Piazza del Campo.  The race is held twice every summer and takes only ninety seconds. The only rule is that there are no rules: practically anything goes as riders shove each other off their mounts. The course is so treacherous, with its sharp turns and sloping, slippery surfaces that often fewer than half of the participants finish. But in any case it’s only the horse that matters – the beast that crosses the line first (even without its rider) is the winner.

6.Join a hammer festival in Portugal


Porto’s Festa de São João is a magnificent display of midsummer madness – one giant street party, where bands of hammer-wielding lunatics roam the town, and every available outdoor space is given over to a full night of eating, drinking and dancing to welcome in the city’s saint’s day. No one seems to know the origin of this tradition of hitting people on the head, but what was customarily a rather harmless pat with a leek has evolved into a somewhat firmer clout with a plastic hammer. Midnight sees the inevitable climax of fireworks, but the night is far from over. The emphasis shifts further west to the beach of Praia dos Ingleses, where youths challenging each other to jump over the largest flames of bonfires lit for São João.

7.Join Pop in the City


Pop in the City is an urban race for women who compete in teams of two and have to master all sorts of challenges around the city to gain points. Each challenge’s location is hidden behind a riddle that the poppins (the participating women) have to solve with the help of the locals. It’s a new and exciting way to explore a new city and if you are up for a challenge, why don’t you join one of their races in Hamburg, Nice or Seville this year?

8.Spend a night at the cells in Latvia’s Liepa–ja prison

SONY DSCBeing incarcerated in a foreign country is usually the stuff of holiday nightmares. Unless you want an insight into Latvian history, that is. The former naval prison in Karosta, a Russian-built port that stretches north from the seaside city of Liepāja, is now the venue for an interactive performance/tour that involves such delights as being herded at gunpoint by actors dressed as Soviet prison guards, then interrogated in Russian by KGB officers. Stay the night and things get even harder – you may find yourself mopping the floors before bedding down in one of the bare cells, only to be brutally awoken by an early morning call.

9.Rent a houseboat in Berlin


No one is questioning that Berlin makes for an amazing city trip in summer, but did you know that the bustling city is surrounding by hundreds of lakes? OK, maybe not hundreds, but there are quite a lot! You can rent a houseboat from Wasserkutsche and spend two days sailing from lake to lake. We may have a BBQ on the roof of your boat, rent kayaks to explore the canals around Dämeritzsee and chug through Berlin’s own little Venice. This is Berlin like you’ve never seen it before!

10.Drive Ferrari in Italy


Italian cars are undeniably world class; to drive a Ferrari is a must! No, you won’t just drive around the city of Maranello and show off this glamorous car, you will be experiencing a thrilling race in an F1 stimulator.  Driving with an official Ferrari pilot, an internal helmet camera will also take every moment of your fancy drive. Hear the breathtaking sound of F430 engine with 0-100 km/h in just 4 seconds.

11.Explore the Balkan region


Most people think of the Mediterranean sea and immediately have images in their head of the south of France, the coast of Italy or the Greek islands. Why not loose the crowds and head to the Balkans instead? The beaches and islands of Croatia are one of a kind, and the countries further inland boast amazing cities, beautiful landscapes and adventurous gorges and lakes.

12.Go Retro with a PolaWalk


A PolaWalk is a guided photography tour for which you’re equipped with a polaroid camera and 8 shots to get the perfect picture. You can first come across this tour in Vienna, but in the meantime PolaWalk has expanded to Graz in Austria and Warsaw in Poland. It is a lot of fun and being so used to your digital camera you will love the challenge of having to properly think about light, composition and angle before taking a shot.

13.Experience Coasteering Challenge in Ireland


The all in one activity that composes of rock climbing, cliff jumping, and extreme diving. If you’re an adrenaline-seeker, this is perfect for you. This is the world’s newest challenge for extreme sports. The West-Coast of Ireland is the terrific place to try this action-packed activity. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy the charming nature view of this part of Ireland.

14.Discover the Human Fish in Slovenia


Postojna’s vast network of caves, winding 2km through cramped tunnels and otherworldly chambers, is the continent’s largest cave system, adorned with infinite stalactites, and stalagmites so massive they appear like pillars. Despite the smudged signatures etched into the craggy walls that suggest an earlier human presence in the caves – possibly as far back as the thirteenth century – this immense grotto’s most prized asset, and most famous resident, is Proteus anguinus, aka the Human Fish. The enigmatic 25cm-long, pigmentless amphibian has a peculiar snake-like appearance, with two tiny pairs of legs – hence the name – and a flat, pointed fin to propel itself through water. Almost totally blind, and with a lifespan approaching one hundred years, it can also go years without food, though it’s been known to dabble in a spot of cannibalism.

15.Attend the World Alternative Games in Wales


Bathtubbing? Wife-carrying? Combined mountain biking and beer drinking? No one does wacky quite like the Welsh, it seems, at least not like the natives of Llanwrtyd Wells. Each year, a series of bonkers events takes place that belies this small town’s sleepy appearance – indeed, with a population of just over six hundred, it can justifiably claim to be Britain’s smallest town. Conceived in 2012 as an antidote to the Olympic Games in London, it involves more than sixty madcap events. Utterly pointless, all of them, though try telling that to the legions of well-honed finger jousters, gravy wrestlers and backwards runners who descend upon the town in their hundreds (sometimes thousands) in search of fame and glory, of sorts. Perhaps the best thing about all these events is that anyone is free to participate – so what are you waiting for?

p.s The events will start on 08/12/2016 and end: 08/29/2016

16.Do a River Cruise on the Dalyan River

River Cruise on the Dalyan River

This is not your average cruise just as much as it is not your average river. The Turkish scenery that the river cuts through is breathtaking, the abundance of fish and turtles makes it great for any nature lover and there are many surprises waiting for you. Like the sulphuric mud baths of Dalyan where you pay a little price (namely covering yourself in stinky mud) in order to emerge with the smoothest skin possible. Cruises on the Dalyan river can easily be booked a day or two ahead, just ask a local travel agency or your hotel for help with that.

17.Helicopter Tour over Warwick and Kenilworth Castles in the UK


Magnificent Warwick and Kenilworth Castles plus helicopter tour can’t get any better! Fly atop of these beautiful castles with a professional pilot. See these world famous landmarks in a unique and thrilling way. The view from the top will definitely leave you amazed and in love!

18.Learn how to Kite Surf


Get your hands on this one of the hottest water sports in the most popular kite surfing beach in Portugal. From the “how to stay safe on the water” to “how to do the best action” will be thoroughly discussed to you. Providing the best quality equipment and your confidence, you should be able to do kite surfing by the end of the session.

19.Get naked in France’s Cap d’Agde


Of a size and scale befitting a small town, France’s Cap d’Agde legendary nudist resort has to be one of the world’s most unique places to stay. The resort’s sprawling campsite is generally the domain of what the French call bios: hardy souls who love their body hair as much as they hate their clothes, and are invariably the naked ones in the queue at the post office. But the bios share the Cap with a very different breed, libertines for whom being naked is a fashion statement as much as a philosophy: smooth bodies and intimate piercings are the order of the day – and sex on the beach is not necessarily a cocktail. Come evening, throngs of more adventurous debauchees congregate in the Cap’s bars, restaurants and notoriously wild swingers’ clubs for a night of uninhibited fun and frolicking.

20.Discover Crazy Party at Thermal Spa in Budapest


Take your thermal spa into the next level – Party! Pamper your skin in one of the biggest thermal baths in Europe – Szechenyi Bath in Budapest. Their water here has various treatment and cure. Moreover,every weekend these thermal spas are transformed into absolute ragers — replete with lasers, light shows, live DJs and plenty of booze…While you’re having a good time, your body is enjoying too!

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