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10 Coolest Ice Bars To Combat The Heatwave In Summer

As summer temperatures start to soar, with heatwaves across US,what’s better than having a drink with friends at a regular bar? Enjoying one in a bar made entirely of ice. If you’ve never been to an ice bar before, now’s your chance to experience one.Fantastic ice sculptures, sexy vodka cocktails, and Siberian-like temperatures – the ice bars take “chill” to a whole new level.Although the concept of ice bars isn’t new, it’s gaining in popularity. The experience is unique and one that you can’t find just anywhere.From London to Barcelona, here are 14 cool drinking establishments to chill out in  the world’s greatest cities.

ICEBAR by Icehotel,Stockholm, Sweden


This was the first permanent ice bar in the world when it opened in Stockholm in 2002, although they do change the design theme every year. All the ice, including the glasses in the bar, comes from Sweden’s Torne River, and there are other ice bars owned by the same company in London and in the Swedish village of Jukkasjärvi. This is in the extreme north of the country and known for its own ice hotel.

Icebar Orlando,Florida , USA


You may be surprised to find 50 tons of ice in the middle of sunny Florida, but the ICEBAR Orlando is one of the city’s top tourist attractions. Reigning as the first ice bar in the United States, ICEBAR Orlando resembles an Antarctic getaway, featuring statues of penguins, polar bears and even an Ice Queen throne. After your time in the Ice bar, you can head over to the warmth of Fire Lounge and dance the night away at one of Orlando’s most popular nightclubs.

Absolut Ice Bar,Stockholm, Sweden


The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm, Sweden gives new meaning to the phrase “on the rocks.” Drinks are served in fist-sized hollow ice cubes, and the barmaid plunks them down on a bar made of clear ice blocks. The walls and tables are also built with ice harvested from the Torne River on the border between Sweden and Finland, where the Ice Bar’s management has operated the widely publicized Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi since 1989. (The ice bar and its frozen furnishings are rebuilt every six months.)

Frost Ice Loft,Boston,USA


The FROST Ice Loft is the only permanent indoor ice bar in New England. It’s located inside the 18th-century Faneuil Hall, so a visit here gets you a historic building as well as a bar that’s kept at 21F. They serve cocktails, beers, and non-alcoholic beverages as well as wine, but if you like your Bordeaux at room temperature – tough.


Minus5° Ice Bar, Manhattan, NY,USA


Inside the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel,Minus5° Ice Bar change every 6-8 weeks to make for a new experience every visit.Decked out in Eskimo-like gear, you enter into the 23°(-5°Celsius, hence the name) room and make your way to the bar where mostly vodka-based drinks are served in glasses made out of ice.There are also minus5 ice bars in Orlando and the Cayman Islands, and two in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo and at Mandalay Bay.


Hôtel de Glace, Quebec City, Quebec,Canada


The Hôtel de Glace close to downtown Quebec City has to be one of the most impressive settings in the world for an ice bar. The hotel first opened in 2001 and is built afresh every winter and has different styles each time. It has 44 rooms, ice sculptures, and snow vaults. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to visit the bar, as they sell special cocktail packages that enable you to enjoy a drink and see the hotel without staying there.

Silo Freezer, Los Angeles, California,USA


Silo, a bar in downtown Los Angeles, offers much more than the typical drinks, food and a great atmosphere. The Silo Freezer offers a unique and chilly twist. The idea here is to enter an atmosphere that is optimal for tasting vodka. The temperature in Silo Freezer is 28 F, a temperature which is known to enhance the smoothness of vodka. Coats and hats are provided before you enter and once inside, vodka tasting is the name of the game.

Icepub,Prague,Czech Republic


This Czech pub, sometimes also called the ICEBAR, is in the biggest music club in central Europe, the Karlovy Lázně. This 5-story building has a different club on each floor and is open every night till 5am. The ICEPUB is kept at a constant temperature of 19F and is well-stocked with Heineken and a range of vodka cocktails.

Xtracold, Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is a new place to be in Amsterdam! The XtraCold Amsterdam Lounge & Icebar. On the photo above you see the cold part of XtraCold. The cold room is created by Inaxi Holland. The official opening of XtraCold is in September, but you can visit the bar right now. Check for more information, location and opening hours the website www.xtracold.nl.

If you go to the Xtracold ice bar, you’ll find that they go out of their way to make sure that you have a little extra fun. The experience begins in a lounge where you can eat and drink, as well as attend cocktail workshops or specially-themed events.  You then get a set of polarized glasses and are taken in to watch 20-minute interactive 3D movies like a ride over icebergs, under water and around fantasy icescapes. You can then head to the bar for a vodka cocktail or an extra cold beer.

Ice Kube Bar,Paris,Frances


The only ice bar in Paris, and the first in France, is inside the boutique-y Scandinavian-style Kube Hotel, handily placed behind the Gare du Nord for those coming in on the Eurostar train. As well as 41 rooms and suites, there’s a restaurant and the ice bar, which has a lounge and a dance area. They used 20 tons of ice to build the bar, where they serve Ciroc vodka cocktails.



Chillout in Dubai was the first ice bar experience in the Middle East when it opened in 2007; it underwent a major refurbishment in 2014. The extremes in temperature in Dubai from outside to inside can be so great that visitors spend a few minutes in a buffer zone at 41 degrees before entering the bar itself, which is kept at 21 degrees. The bar has proved incredibly popular with Arab visitors, few of whom have experienced ice before. The bar closes during Ramadan, enabling them to refresh the sculptures, which include a full-size Formula-1 racing car.


Images by Photographer Peter Kindersley

ICEBAR LONDON is from the same team that opened the original ice bar in Stockholm, and it too gets its ice from the frozen Torne River. It’s the only permanent ice bar in London, and is kept at a constant temperature of 23 degrees. The designs and sculptures change all the time, and you can have the novelty of enjoying frozen food there too, or in the regular restaurant and cocktail bar kept at normal temperatures.

Icebarcelona, Barcelona,Spain


The world’s first beach ice bar, Icebarcelona is a truly one-of-a-kind experience, offering visitors the chance to go from glorious Mediterranean sunshine to a frozen world in a matter of minutes. Designed by famous ice artists, the striking lounge boasts mesmerizing interiors carved out of ice and renewed every so often. Additionally, there’s a sleek outdoor terrace where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the warm sea breeze whilst sipping your favorite concoction.

ICE Lounge,New Delhi,India


If you’re looking for an ice bar with a cultural twist, you’ve found it. The ICE Lounge in New Delhi showcases Indian culture in its décor. You’ll be greeted at the entrance by a seven-foot tall carving of a lady with her hands folded in the traditional Namaste greeting, and once inside you’ll find peacocks carved into the back of the bar and a portrait of the Taj Mahal on the ice walls.

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